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FLOOR STOCK Natural Cot Mattress (SYD)

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Thoughtfully designed and handcrafted from purely natural materials, the wool and coir cot provides the firm support a young child needs. The organic and natural components used in the mattress’ construction creates a natural sleeping environment for your baby that is extremely low in VOCs. As it is made from 100% natural materials there are no harmful toxins or synthetics hidden within. Furthermore, these mattresses have been designed to comply with the AS/NZS Voluntary Standard (8811.1:2013: Methods of testing infant products) for firmness to ensure your child can sleep safely and comfortably.

This product is ex floor stock, there is only one available and no returns can be made on the product. We have checked the product for cosmetic damage but there was none found, it is in as new condition.

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GOLS certified coir layered with pure Australian Downs wool in an Organic Cotton & hemp cover, make these mattresses incredibly popular among parents who want their babies to sleep on natural materials from day one, and minimise their risk of exposure to toxic materials. While all our mattresses are custom made by hand in our factory in Sydney, our cot mattresses are individually measured and made up to fit into your cot frame.

Coir is a coconut fibre and for this custom cot it is rubberised with a GOLS certied Organic Latex spray which makes it anti-fungal and dust-mite resistant. The dense coir forms the core of the mattress and offers firm support. An outer layer of untreated Australian wool provides some slight cushioning in addition to being an excellent thermo-regulator. The coir and wool are then sewn by hand into a GOTS & OCS certified organic & hemp cotton cover that is low-tox and soft to the touch.

We strongly advise the use of a waterproof mattress protector with our cot mattresses.

Mattress thickness:

Approx 10-12cm

The current layering design has been crafted to comply with AS/NZS Voluntary Standard 8811.1:2013: Methods of testing infant products – Sleep surfaces – Test for firmness. Please be aware that as this is a handmade product made with natural materials there is a little bit of variation expected.

Mattress dimensions

Floor Stock: 71 x 131cm - 8kg

Please note mattress dimensions may vary by a few centimetres due to the natural variations of 100% natural materials

Mattress Feel
Please keep in mind that feel is very subjective and this scale is based on a comparison with the other mattresses in the range as well as customer feedback.
Guarantee & Product Care

Guarantee & Product Care

Please note that this item is sold “AS IS” and as such, we do not offer returns or exchanges on floor stock items. We have checked the product for cosmetic damage but there was none found, it is in as new condition.

We strongly advise the use of a waterproof mattress protector with our cot mattress.

To prevent mould from occurring on covers and padding materials, it is the customer’s responsibility to turn the mattress over regularly and ensure adequate aeration. The top of these mattresses are self-airing, however it is necessary to feel the underside of the mattress often to check for dampness. If dampness is felt, air your mattress in direct sunlight, or dry off thoroughly with a fan or blow dryer. We recommend use on open slatted bed bases.

DO NOT UNZIP the cover or cut the ties, if the mattress becomes soiled or mouldy please email support@naturalbedding.com.au for instructions on how best to treat your mattress.

Organic Latex

(Aurora, Alba, Artemis, Luna, Cloud 7, Cloud 9, Dreamer, Deluxe, Supreme, Sovereign Rest, Latex Topper, Wool & Latex Topper)

Our carbon-neutralised Organic Latex is tested and certified to ensure it is non-toxic, and, being latex, it boasts impressive natural properties such as being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, dust mite resistant and is naturally flame retardant. We source this from a trusted supplier in Sri Lanka that our company director, Andrew, has personally visited. This latex also features a 7 posture zone support system, is produced using the dunlop method and has both GOLS and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certifications.


(Supreme, Deluxe, Cot & Bassinet Mattress)

Fibres are stripped/shredded from the coconut shells, soaked in fresh water, and coiled into long ropes before being allowed to dry. Once dry they are unravelled, and a thin layer is fed into a machine which sprays the fibres with GOLS Certified liquid Organic Latex. These are layered and then compressed to the required density before being cut to size.

Untreated Australian Downs Wool

(Artemis, Luna, Cloud 7, Cloud 9, Dreamer, Deluxe, Supreme, Sovereign Rest, Wool & Latex Topper, Cot & Bassinet Mattress)

Sourced from farms in southern parts of Australia, the Downs Wool we use is of the highest standard. It has not been carbonised, nor does it undergo harsh chemical treatments of any kind. It is simply washed using a natural detergent which leaves a lot of the natural lanolin on the wool and ensures it has plenty of bounce. Not only does this make the wool great for chemically sensitive individuals but it also reduces the toxic waste produced from the wool industry.

Organic Cotton & Hemp Fabric

(Aurora, Alba, Artemis, Luna, Cot Mattress, Cloud 7, Cloud 9, Dreamer, Deluxe, Supreme, Sovereign Rest, Latex Topper, Wool & Latex Topper)

The mattress covers are an organic blend specifically designed by TNBC for durability and breathability. The blend is 55% natural Hemp & 45% Organic Cotton, sourced from a supplier in New Zealand that utilises both WRAP and the Higg Index to ensure sustainable and ethical practices are upheld during production. There are no harmful chemicals used during the growth cycle of the cotton and as the growing of hemp is pretty flexible this removes the need for herbicides, synthetic fertiliser or pesticides to aid crop growth. During the fabric manufacturing the factory only use Oeko-tex certified processing agents to protect colour consistency.

Organic Cotton Fabric

(Bassinet Mattress)

The GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton that we use for our cot and bassinet mattress covers is grown, milled and produced in Pakistan. This material is incredibly breathable and light to ensure each mattress has ample airflow, providing a safe non-toxic sleeping environment.


We can deliver our latex mattresses within the Sydney metropolitan region from Monday to Friday between 8:30am - 3:30pm and this includes assembly (we need a clear and safe space for this). Unfortunately, we can’t move or get rid of your old mattress for you. For most other locations in Australia we can organise delivery with a courier or freight company – there is no set cost as it depends on size and weight, as well as where you live. These couriers will require assistance when your mattress and/or furniture arrives.

To check freight charges for your location before placing an order, use the estimate shipping tool at checkout, or feel free to contact us. Depending on the item/s and the delivery location, in some circumstances unusually high freight charges may be incurred. If you want to organise pickup from a depot in a major city this can significantly reduce freight costs.

Returns and Exchanges

We do not offer change of mind returns or exchanges on our mattresses as they are produced on a made to order basis. If there is an issue with a faulty item, we will repair or replace it.

Items that are purchased during a sale, custom made, ordered in specially for you or at a discounted price, are not able to be returned or exchanged unless faulty. All mattresses, toppers and furniture are not returnable or exchangeable unless faulty