All our furniture is made from sustainably managed Australian timber and environmentally friendly components.



We're a small family company and are proud to be able to make our furniture out of sustainable Australian timber, right here in our Sydney workshop.



Every Natural Bedding Company furniture item is a one-off – worth waiting for, it will be handmade in our workshop especially for you.



All our furniture comes with a ten-year guarantee, but it's going to be around for a lot longer than that.




We've searched the world to find the best materials for our mattresses, sourcing from suppliers who take care of their workers and the Earth.



Every Natural Bedding Company mattress is a one-off – worth waiting for, it will be handmade in our workshop especially for you.



We're a small family company and are proud to be able to make our mattresses out of sustainable materials, right here in our Sydney workshop.

Bedding and Accessories



The bedding we sell is, wherever possible, made with natural materials, and is usually suitable for anyone with allergies.



We've searched to find the right bedding, sourcing from suppliers who take care of the Earth.


It's important to us that our suppliers look after their workers – that way, we can all sleep easy.

The Natural Difference

Here at The Natural Bedding Company, we have been handcrafting mattresses in our own Sydney workshop since 1984. We understand the importance of a good night's rest. Sleep plays a vital role in your physical and mental health and wellness. It is the time when your body replenishes itself and cleans out any toxins from your system.

We are passionate about healthy, easy sleep. We use only top quality organic and sustainable materials to handcraft our beautiful natural and low toxic mattresses, that are available right across Australia. Our beds do not contain harmful petroleum-based chemicals or other harmful volatile compounds. Instead, everything that we source comes from nature. Furthermore, as an eco-conscious company, all our mattresses are environmentally friendly.

We seek to empower both the Australian people and the Australian environment in all we do.

We supply everything you need for a natural, healthy bed

A low tox mattress with a toxin free timber bed frame, healthy bed linens, and low tox pillows, complete the picture for a healthy, low tox bed.

Low tox alternatives make a safer sleeping environment in the bedroom over polyurethane foam mattresses and other mass-produced products that off gas chemicals into your breathing space at night. These gases have led some people to experience breathing difficulty, sinusitis, nausea, and headaches.

In Australia, low toxic mattresses are increasingly in demand.

At The Natural Bedding Company, we have a natural approach to beds and bedding, and you will always find that our mattresses and bedding are chemical free. Furthermore, our natural fibre mattresses have been certified for their organic materials.

We make and supply:

  • Low tox beds & bed frames
  • Low tox mattresses
  • Low tox pillows

We have several options in design and materials in our natural pillow range. You can choose between latex, wool, organic cotton, duck down, and buckwheat. All made in Australia to offer you a deep and comfortable sleep.

What else do you get from choosing a natural mattress?

Our organic latex mattresses are made and produced ethically. They optimise comfort and support and will last 15-20+ years. A natural latex mattress often provides a luxurious sleeping experience and is utilised in many high-end hotels.

Many Australians are looking for a natural, organic mattress for these reasons:

  • Support – organic latex mattresses are renowned for the way they cushion your hips and shoulders and support your body. Our bassinet and cot mattresses are made with a blend of wool and coir to give a firm support to a baby’s growing body.
  • Comfort – With the plush strength and form fitting qualities of latex, and wool’s soft and fluffy texture, these natural mattresses in Australia are highly sought after for an undeniably comfortable bed that you will not want to leave.
  • Cool – Using naturally breathable, porous, and non-chemical materials, we have created sustainable mattresses that assist you to maintain a manageable temperature at night. Perfect for the Australian summer.
  • Hygienic – Latex mattresses are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, dust mite-resistant and hypo-allergenic. Their inherent cooling and moisture resistant qualities also means you feel fresh through the night. Our low tox mattresses also help to give you a safe and clean breathing space at night.
  • Longevity – Our natural fibre mattresses in Australia have a long life. We offer a 10-year guarantee, but they usually last well up to 15-20+ years.
  • Australian Made – Our mattresses are made with natural and organic materials right here in our own Sydney workshop, and then shipped across Australia. Because you know they are made locally, you know that they comply with all Australian product quality and working condition standards.
  • Chemical free– As they are free from harmful chemicals, you have the assurance of a low tox bed, each time you lie down to rest.
  • Environmentally friendly mattress – In addition to using organic, all-natural materials, we make sure that we source all of them from sustainable farms and plantations. Natural mattresses also decompose in nature, leaving behind less waste, giving you an environmentally friendly mattress that keeps giving back.

Natural Australian Made Pillows

A chemical free mattress provides the best and healthiest breathing space in your bedroom at night. For a completely natural bed, we recommend pairing your Australian made low toxic mattress with low tox pillows.

Our natural pillows are designed with different shapes and firmness to complement different sleeping styles, offering support to both your head and neck. In addition to these various options, we also provide low tox pillows that use a combination of materials for the best sleep. Our organic and natural pillows are also made with sustainable and ecofriendly materials, impeccably designed, and ethically handcrafted by us in our own Sydney workshop.

The Healthy Sleep Experts

Here at The Natural Bedding Company, we work hard to deliver you a quality night’s rest.

If you have any queries regarding our materials, you can find more information here. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us on:02 9569 4834 or

We are happy to answer any queries you have about obtaining your best night’s sleep.