All the trends we're leaning into this year

All the trends we're leaning into this year

We’re well over a month into the new year, and already we’ve been inundated by popular trends on TikTok, news stories from the media, and the latest predictions from trendspotting experts. And when you’re pulled in so many directions, it can be hard to know which ones to follow.

So we’ve done the legwork of rounding up a few valuable, heartfelt trends that align with living a more sustainable life. 


Setting workplace boundaries

In the post-Covid era, with more people now working from home, the lines between work and life have become increasingly blurred. Pair that with technology that allows us to be contacted anywhere, anytime, and you have a complete override of personal boundaries. Which is exactly why a healthier work/life balance is one of our 2024 ‘trends’ to lean into.

For some, it’s setting up an automatic email response for anything out-of-hours that states when someone can expect a reply. For others, it can be switching ‘Do not disturb’ on your phone to ignore any potential calls after work. And for many, there’s been a rise in office culture expectations that ask employers to set examples for how staff should and shouldn’t be operating when they’re off the clock.

Your first priority with this trend is to identify anywhere you feel your personal time being impacted by work, and deciding where you need to set boundaries. From there, it’s a matter of communication and self-discipline to ensure you too uphold your boundaries. We love how this growing theme encourages you to take time for your own life, rather than just living for work.




Taking mental health seriously

With several studies showing that mental health has taken a serious decline following Covid, climate disasters, and the cost of living crisis, it’s obvious that mental health care is more than a trend - it’s a basic human need. And with one report showing that psychological distress among people under 35 has doubled to nearly 40%, we’re big advocates for any actions that authentically lean into mental wellbeing

One of the biggest ways people are leaning into good mental health strategies is by going to therapy, which thankfully we’re seeing become more mainstream with government initiatives, public figures opening up, and campaigns from places like Lifeline

On top of that, we’ve watched the gradual destigmatisation of mental health, workplaces establishing mental health leave, and an increase in mindfulness apps and organisations rallying to help our collective mental state. Whether it’s speaking to your GP or a therapist, sharing genuine experiences with friends or family, or championing the companies that are bringing mental health to the main stage, it feels like we’re on our way to a world that feels safe to be real and seek help. Plenty of green flags with this growing movement!

If you do need mental health support, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or chat online, call the Kids Helpline at 1800 55 1800 or chat online, or call 000 for immediate assistance. 





Embracing JOMO (the joy of missing out)

Several years ago, we went hard with the whole fear of missing out trend - otherwise known as FOMO. But these days, the votes are in and we’re all looking for less drama, more me-time, and generally just calmer, more fulfilled lives. JOMO is the antidote to the stress of everyday life, where we take pleasure in missing out on activities and learn to say ‘no’ when we actually don’t want to do something. Consider it a much-needed extension of the boundaries we mentioned earlier. 

With this trend, we’ve swapped excess nights out for chill nights in, opted for low-key festivities with loved ones over extravagant celebrations, and taken a ‘less is more’ approach to after-work events and weeknight shenanigans. We’re using this pop culture trend to essentially rebel against the societal pressure to ‘have it all’ and compare ourselves to each other online. 

As part of this trend, research has looked into the benefits of deliberately switching off and opting out, particularly with regards to social media. And it turns out, people experienced more mindfulness and creativity, less anxiety, and increased feelings of control in their life. The JOMO trend is fast becoming another lifestyle choice, just like other forms of self-care or healthy habits.  




Sleeping like our teenage self 

Remember when you were a teenager and you could sleep easy for 9+ hours? Well, in 2024, we’re looking at prioritising sleep in ways that would make our 16-year old self proud. 

Quality sleep exceeding 7 hours each night has been proven to boost our mental and physical health, help concentrate and perform better, and live longer. And according to new trends spotted by Fortune, an earlier bedtime is gaining serious traction.

Now, as an ethical and natural bedding company, we’re all for any trend that pushes for longer, better time in bed! So in order to relish in the trend of blissful sleep, we recommend a good all-natural pillow, natural bedding, and if it’s in the budget, a brilliant low tox latex mattress

Beyond that, it’s important to keep your room calm, with minimal tech and distractions, and to get yourself into a good nighttime routine. We’ve got some hot tips to help you get consistently good sleep right here.




Taking a slow approach to fashion

In 2024, we’re saying a hard goodbye to fast fashion and welcoming trends like outfit repeating. We’ve known for years how much damage the clothing industry has caused the environment and we’re making that line in the sand even bolder this year. 

Whether it’s buying cheap, synthetic, or unethical clothing to keep up with Hollywood and designer trends, or impulse shopping stuff we don’t need, this year we’re taking a long, hard look at our wardrobe choices to create positive change for the future.

Some of these actions include learning to shop secondhand - and even making an outing out of visiting thrift stores with our friends - as well as hosting swap parties to give old clothes new life within our community, and saving to buy one quality item rather than lots of poor quality pieces. We know there’s a cost of living crisis, but if cost is what’s stopping you from buying a new pair of pants or a winter jacket, there’s affordable ways around it. 

So often, we’re told that outfit repeating is embarrassing - but really, if you wear your clothes to death (or at least until they fall apart and get recycled), we think that’s a trend to wear with pride. Bring on the eco-friendly attitude, we say!




Drinking less and living more

Research has shown that young people are choosing not to drink alcohol in larger numbers than ever - a trend that is definitely one to watch. We’re joining initiatives like Febfast and Dry July, saving alcohol for the weekend, and switching to low or non-alcoholic options. Whether it’s a financial decision or a health-inspired one, we’re certainly enjoying the trend of cutting back on booze - especially when it’s paired with prioritising other joys. 

As we move away from having alcohol as our social centrepiece, we’re leaning into more experiential spending to create memories with loved ones. Instead of buying ourselves or others material gifts, trends show an uptick in experiences that bring joy and connection - think concert tickets, hobby-inspired classes, outdoor adventures, and quality time activities. 




Making your own trends

As much as we love the inspiration of pop culture trends and growing movements, in 2024, the best trend you can follow is your own! Find habits, values, and priorities that improve your life and support others, and trust your gut when a passing fad feels like something you can skip. Make this your year to remember for all the right reasons…