If I order one of your beds, how long will I have to wait for it?

No one wants to wait, but unfortunately you’ll have to – about 20 days for the mattress or up to six weeks if you’re buying the base as well. That’s because all our products are custom-made – while you’re waiting, you can think about our team at Marrickville putting together your furniture just for you.

Can I use one of your mattresses on my old base?

As long as the base is suitably slatted, that’s fine. Latex needs to breathe, and can only do so when there’s airflow – if the base is solid or you put the mattress straight on the ground, that can’t happen, and there’s much more chance of mould building up.

You use latex in your beds – isn’t it hot to sleep on?

Luckily, this myth has been busted. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll feel hot in any bed. Some materials create heat, but latex isn’t one of them. It’s a natural product and, with all its tiny pores, sucks air in and pushes it out again, so is constantly breathing. Put wool on top of the latex, as we can do, and that’s even more of a temperature regulator.

What’s good about latex?

Apart from being hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust-mite resistant, it’s great for anyone sensitive to synthetic products, and produces very little off-gassing. It also lasts for years – it should be 20 or 25 years before you’ll see any sign of indentation in your mattress. As far as support goes, latex is great, and different sized holes in our mattresses ensure that you’ll get more support where you need it, such as around the hips and shoulders, and also around the lower back when lying on your back or side. All up, our latex mattresses contain seven areas of support (known in the business as posture zones).

Anything not so great about latex?

Nothing is perfect – latex does need a bit of looking after. Moisture can build up within the mattresses, and so you’ll need to turn them about once a month in most rooms. Our mattresses are slightly heavier than some of the innerspring ones, but here are some tips on making maintenance as simple and quick as possible.

Can I buy one of your mattresses online?

Yes, you can, as long as you read through our detailed breakdown of mattress types. We can also let you know how much it will cost to ship the mattress to you. To really find a mattress that’s just right for you, it’s probably best if you can, to come into our showroom and try the different ones out.   

Do you deliver your mattresses and furniture?

Yes, we can deliver within the Sydney metropolitan area from Monday to Friday for $130, and also provide an assembly service in Sydney for $175 (we need a clear and safe space for this).

We can organise a courier for anywhere else in Australia – there is no set cost as it depends on size and weight, as well as where you live. These couriers will require assistance when your mattress and/or furniture arrives.

Unfortunately, we can’t move or get rid of your old furniture for you.

I’m incredibly sensitive to a number of products. How can I be sure your mattresses won’t affect me?

As much as possible, we use only environmentally friendly products with minimal issues on the sensitivity front. We’re always happy to send out samples of the mattress components, so you can test them yourself at home. We’d encourage that – it’s much better to discover any sensitivities beforehand, rather than having a bed custom made and then finding out when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Do I have to worry about dust mites in latex or coir?

No, thanks to natural properties of the rubber tree, both latex and coir (which is coconut fibre sprayed with latex) are dust mite-resistant. Dust mites love cotton, and don’t mind wool, so if you’re worried about them, we’d suggest you use a mattress protector. If you have severe allergies, we recommend an organic latex and hemp mattress, which is completely dust mite-resistant. All of our mattresses are also available without wool by request to reduce the exposure to dust mites for the highly sensitive.

What sort of a guarantee do you give on your mattresses?

All of our organic latex mattresses have a 10-year guarantee. They should, however, last a lot longer than that - usually up to 15-20 years.

I’m on the large side – will your mattresses be any good for me?

Sam can answer this one. ‘At my heaviest I was 135 kg, and at my lightest 83kg. I’ve slept on a plain latex block for 19 years, sometimes with a partner and sometimes without. It didn’t show any signs of indentation, and supported me the whole time regardless of my weight.’ So, yes, they will be – they’re especially supportive and offer longevity.

Can I remove the mattress cover and wash it?

No, unless you’re talking about our latex and hemp mattresses, don’t even think about it – you won’t have any hope of getting the stuffing back in. If you’re worried about spills or accidents, we suggest you use a mattress protector.