The Natural Bedding Company has been an Aussie family owned and operated business since 1984. What literally started out as a cottage industry, with Andrew McCaig making everything at home & sometimes delivering orders by bicycle, hasn’t changed too much over the years… The mattresses are still handmade with precision and care in Sydney’s Inner West, and the personalised customer service is as good as ever, although we have upgraded from bicycle deliveries.

We love what we do here at The Natural Bedding Company, but we don’t always make a big show of how we do it. So, we thought it was time to share our humble beginnings and where we’re headed next!

Our beloved bedding company has been a labour of care, craft, and love since day one.

Let’s take it back to the 1980's when Andrew (our founder) was a yoga and shiatsu teacher in Sydney’s inner west. One weekend a talented yogi, who was visiting from a dojo in Japan, showed Andrew how to make a cotton futon… And thus, Deluxe Futons was born! (The original name for TNBC). Over the years, futons became slightly less ‘in fashion’ and Andrew began blazing trails in the production of natural latex mattresses! For a period of time, as Andrew often says, the process was simply trial and error.

After establishing networks across Sydney, Andrew began to expand the company and develop his skills with assistance from others in the natural bedding industry. Through this, his knowledge base began to grow and so did his passion for researching the production methods that went into each material that is used in the mattresses. 

Now, The Natural Bedding Company has come a long way since futons and the early days of trial and error. Our team has grown from a one man show, to a team of 15 that are constantly evolving to ensure the processes of production and precision that goes into perfecting our products are maintained.

While the early days of the business were very immersed in day-to-day production and delivery, we now have a team dedicated to the continual improvement of our sustainable practices, looking at our environmental impact & supply chain management.  Our goal is to continue striving to provide the highest quality mattresses and bases made from 100% natural materials, upskilling our staff as we go so we can stay the leaders in the world of organic & natural bedding.


It’s important to us to be totally transparent about our products – if we can’t answer all your questions about a material, we won’t use it. All the materials we use are natural and sustainable – and, in most cases, suitable for anyone with health issues – and we do everything we can to make sure that workers involved in the process are treated fairly and ethically.

Maybe it’s enough for you to know that when you buy a bed from Natural Bedding Company, you’re getting a bed made from all-natural materials and the latex is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust mite-resistant, and it won’t contain any nasty chemicals. And that the bed you’re buying will be specially made for you in Sydney, and give you the best night’s sleep you’ve had for years. If that’s the case, you probably need to read no further.

If, on the other hand, you want to know about VOCs, how our latex is processed, latex fillers and other interesting things, you’ve come to the right place.

Handcrafted in our Sydney workshop, every Organic Latex mattress from The Natural Bedding Company uses only the finest natural, sustainable materials. Our Organic Latex is free of any harmful toxins and is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and dust mite-resistant.

These are all natural mattresses, with no treatments added, and so it is important to follow the care instructions, checking for moisture on the underside regularly, and flipping the mattress if you feel any dampness. An open aired base, such as slats, can be helpful to assist airflow.

To discover more about our natural materials, please find the small selection of FAQs below which delve into our manufacturing process, sustainable approach, the use of latex fillers in the industry, and much more.

There are two main methods of processing latex – the Dunlop and the Talalay process. We use the Dunlop process, which has been practised since the late 1920s. First, the sap is extracted from the rubber tree, then put into a centrifuge machine and whipped into a froth. The froth is then placed into a mould with a small amount of gelling agent (sodium silicofluoride), covered, and steam baked. The latex is then washed and rinsed which removes any residue left over from the gelling and baking process, as well as removing most VOC’s.

The Talalay Latex process has a few more steps than the Dunlop Latex process. Once the sap is in the mould with the gelling agent, it is placed in a vacuum chamber, and air is extracted.  It is then flash frozen, and chemicals used to stabilise it. After this the mould is baked before it is washed and then rinsed alike to the Dunlop method.

It is important to note that although you may find 100% Natural Talalay Latex on the market, it is not possible to create certified Organic Talalay Latex. Consequently, the Dunlop Latex process is the only way to produce 100% Certified Organic Latex internationally. As our first priority is to create a natural and clean product, we choose to use the Dunlop process.

Organic fillers are naturally occurring substances found in the sap, including tree minerals and salts. You’d expect them to be there, and we wouldn’t try to remove them. The latex we work with and use to handcraft our natural mattresses and pillows contains only organic fillers.

Sometimes when we have a customer come to us who has had previous allergic reactions/sensitivities to latex, it may have been a reaction to the synthetic fillers that have been used to make that product. We offer complimentary mattress material samples to anyone with allergy or sensitivity concerns.

When the sap is heated with a small amount of gelling agent (sodium silicofluoride) a minimal amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are formed. VOCs are carbon-based compounds, found both naturally and in many household products and most are washed out of the mattress during the rinsing process before testing and packaging. They are carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature and can combine with other molecules in the atmosphere to create new compounds – some harmless, others not so. This is often described as the smell from fresh paint, new furniture, new cars, etc. which arises from VOCs breaking down – a process known as off-gassing (this typically occurs when a product is first made and when a product nears the end of its life).

When there is a high level of VOCs, we find chemically sensitive people can get headaches, itchy eyes, feel nauseous or have issues breathing. Consequently, high levels of VOCs can have adverse health effects as off-gassing may persist for years after a product is made. The more natural a product is, and the more stable its make-up, the lower the level of VOCs and the safer it is. We care deeply about creating a healthy sleeping environment so we strive to ensure our Organic Latex has as little off-gassing as possible. Our latex is tested and certified to ensure it has a low toxicity.


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