The Natural Bedding Company offers to the original purchaser a guarantee to replace or repair the product against faulty workmanship or materials for the period stated on our ‘Taking Care’ instructions. These are also included with the mattress on purchase/delivery.

The customer needs to provide proof of their original purchase with an original purchase receipt.

In order to make a claim, the customer must notify us of the fault within 30 days after it has appeared. You will need to provide us with full name and address, details of the fault, and original proof of purchase receipt.

Notification of the fault can be made either by phone on 02 9569 4834, email, or post to The Natural Bedding Company, 122 Percival Rd Stanmore NSW 2048.


Mattresses and Bases

The Natural Bedding Company guarantee covers the following:

  1. Manufacturing defect
  2. Material defect

The Natural Bedding Company guarantee does not cover the following:

  1. Body imprint in mattress. A body imprint of up to 30mm is considered normal and not a defect. An imprint can occur as the mattress conforms to the body and provides cushioning.
  2. Mould. To prevent mould from occurring on covers and padding materials, it is the customer’s responsibility to turn the mattress over regularly (at least once a month or more depending on dampness of the room and airflow under the bed frame) and ensure adequate aeration. We recommend open slatted bed bases such as a Natural Bedding Co bed frame.
  3. Picking up/ collecting or delivering any guaranteed goods. Charges will apply for this service as per consumer law.
  4. A mattress or base that is found by NBC to be in a stained or unsanitary condition.
  5. A mattress or base that is not to your liking such as being too firm or too soft.
  6. Normal wear and tear.
  7. Damage caused by mishandling.
  8. Base damage caused by fittings not having been kept sufficiently tight.
  9. Posture slats concaving over time. We recommend regular replacement of posture slats.
  10. Mattress damage caused by one or more of the following:
    • defective metal or timber slats
    • a base that does not provide adequate support in the centre
    • a base in which slats are more than 10cm apart
    • a base that does not provide a flat even support
  11. Use of the mattress or base for anything other than what it is intended.