Escape away into dreamy sleep in Waterloo

The Natural Bedding Company has created a range of organic mattresses for those looking for a healthier way to sleep.

Organic mattresses release less contaminants into the air as you sleep. Their materials are also resilient, durable, and strong. Our all-natural latex mattresses in Waterloo provide a luscious cushioning and support for a comfortable, peaceful, and healthy sleep.

You can customise your comfort and support by opting for a mattress with or without plush wool. Wool offers added softness and superior temperature control, helping to draw away moisture from the body, so you can rest easier even if you do sweat on hotter nights. You can also opt for a coconut fibre (or coir) mattress core for a firmer mattress offering great back support.

Work hard, play hard and sleep deeply

It’s important that when you go to bed after a busy day, you can experience a restful sleep to assist your body and mind to repair and rejuvenate.

Our organic latex mattresses are quickly becoming a much sought after item across Australia. Have a look at what our customers are saying in our testimonial section. Our organic mattresses are well-loved by Waterloo.

Like one of our customers on Google has said, “once you go latex you will never go back!”

Our organic latex mattresses "spring" back and so readjust to your body and sleeping position again and again, so you’re not stuck having to slip into the cave of last night’s sleeping position!

But why Organic Natural Latex?

  • Comfortable and supportive – As we have mentioned, but it’s worth repeating, organic latex makes for a plush, yet supportive bed.
  • Prime ventilation and breathability – organic latex is a porous, breathable material. It has many small holes that allows air to pass through the mattress.
  • Cool and Dry – As the air passes through our organic latex and coir, heat is not absorbed and stored in the mattress assisting your bed to remain cooler. The wool in our mattresses also provides a renowned temperature regulation, wicking away moisture, helping to keep you drier and cooler on hot sweaty nights. It is the perfect mattress for Waterloo summers.
  • Hygienic – Organic latex is resistant to dust mites and is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. We recommend using a slatted bed frame for your mattress and turn over the mattress regularly to prevent mould growth.
  • Hypo-allergenic – Both wool and organic latex are hypo-allergenic materials, and with their cooling and hygienic qualities you can have confidence that your new latex mattress will help you to create an allergy friendly bed.

What makes The Natural Bedding Company special?

Our organic mattresses in Waterloo are Australian made. Since 1984, we've been making these mattresses ourselves in inner Sydney, using only the best quality organic and natural materials sourced from certified organic, sustainable plantations.

No harmful chemicals, toxins or glues are used when creating our mattresses. Our mattresses are built to last and you can find everything you need to care for your mattress on our website.

As well as mattresses we also make everything else you need to create a comfortable, healthy sleeping space. Our sustainable Tasmanian oak bed frames, organic latex pillows and breathable French linen will complete your natural bedroom.