Natural Mattresses in Stanmore for a Good Night’s Sleep

The key to finding the perfect work-life balance lies in a good night’s rest when the day finally comes to an end. Find an all-natural latex mattress to suit your preferences right here in Stanmore. Having the right mattress is crucial for comfort, support, and temperature control to help bear Sydney’s quickly changing climates.


The Natural Bedding Company handcrafts organic mattresses in Sydney, which we deliver Australia wide. They are made with organic latex, organic latex and wool, or organic latex, wool and rubberised coconut fibre. Our fine collection allows for a constantly comfortable and cool sleep, and a healthy breathing space at night. In today’s market, when you’re faced with so many synthetic alternatives, isn’t the real thing just so much better?

We think so, and so does Inner West Sydney. That’s why Stanmore buys our mattresses.

Why buy a Natural Mattress in Stanmore?

Organic latex, wool and coconut coir are premium materials that you will find in a Natural Bedding Company high-quality mattress in Stanmore.

The reason for this is:

  • Comfort – organic latex cushions and supports your body frame. While wool, which is featured on top of most of our latex mattresses, creates an extra plush surface to rest, and is a superb material wicking away moisture and then readily releasing it back into the atmosphere.
  • Support – Natural latex and coir provide great support for the inner core of a mattress. Latex bounces back for increased longevity, as well as long lasting support. Coconut coir offers a stronger support for those who enjoy a more firmer mattress.
  • Hygienic – All the materials are dust mite resistant. Latex is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo allergenic. Our coir is coated in latex and so also features these properties.
  • Cool – Organic latex, wool and coir are porous, breathable materials that are known to offer good ventilation. Organic latex has many little holes that naturally draw in and expel air. Wool is also renowned for its ability to regulate temperature and keep users comfortable.
  • Dry – Wool and organic latex are both water resistant, so spills can often be wiped right off. The wicking properties of wool also help to keep you dry and comfortable at night.

The Healthy Choice for Sleeping

Here at The Natural Bedding Company we pride ourselves on the healthy, low tox mattresses we supply for our customers.

While synthetic foam can be quite comfortable, foam mattresses are often made from volatile chemicals. This means they release toxic gaseous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your bedroom as you sleep, which can for some, lead to headaches, and an irritated nose, throat, or eyes. While this amount is often low, scientists are still concerned about what constant exposure can mean for us, and in particular, young children.

As a company that cares about the health of the planet, we make mattresses that have the lowest VOC release amount possible. Our mattresses in Stanmore are made from organic, all-natural materials. The more natural a material is, often the more stable, and therefore safer it is.

The Natural Bed and Bedding Experts

We handcraft our mattresses ourselves, right here in our own Sydney workshop. Therefore, we are usually able to customise our products to better suit our customers. If you would like more information visit our FAQs section or contact us here.