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Sometimes the best things are found in nature

Natural latex mattresses in Perth provide a sustainable haven for a good night’s rest. Sourcing materials from sustainability certified rubber tree farms in Sri Lanka from companies that care about their workers, we make our mattresses by hand here in Sydney, Australia. 

By collecting the sap after gently removing some bark, we preserve all the trees in the plantation, and they come to produce this sap again and again. After frothing and baking the latex, we get the beautiful thick, soft, and luscious sheets that we use for our mattresses.

Latex mattresses are renowned for their comfort and support. These mattresses compact and wrap around the contours of your body’s shape with a natural and plush elasticity that pushes back. Thereby, holding you up and giving the pressure points in your body relief all throughout the night.

It also allows you to sleep while properly maintaining the alignment of your spine for the best posture and ease of breathing. As natural latex has an open cell structure, the mattress also breathes well, helping you keep cool and dry even through hotter nights.

Why a latex mattress in Perth is the ‘healthy choice’

Offering the perfect mélange of comfort, support, and a cool temperature, owning a latex mattress has fast been becoming a trend in Perth. 

With the reasons also mentioned below, you may realise why we put in the care and transparency in our products in the way that we do –

Proper support
Like memory or poly foam, a latex mattress in Perth gives you personalised support. As a result, you can always find the perfect relief off the usual pressure points in your body, and correctly align your spine.

Natural latex’s inherent anti-bacterial properties allow you to drift away into a healthier sleep with ease, in a cleaner environment. 

Latex mattresses can’t grow mould or mildew.

Dust mite resistant
As natural latex is made from tree sap; it makes an inhabitable environment for dust mites. 

Hypo allergenic
A natural latex mattress in Perth also makes the perfect allergy free bed.

Sustainable and ecofriendly
The materials and harvest processes use create a finished product that doesn’t hurt the earth. 

Organic and low tox
Natural latex mattresses are made without volatile carbon-based chemicals that cause off gassing in the night. 

Metal free
Some studies have raised concerns that the springs in a mattress act as antennas for electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is generally around us at such low amounts that it isn’t harmful, however the metal picks up and increases its frequencies. While it is not yet fully known what effect this can have on the body, many still prefer a mattress without metal springs to allay any doubts or concerns. 

The Natural Bedding Company – Why We’re Different

After scourging the world high quality organic materials and sourcing them from sustainable and ethical plantations, we handmake our mattresses ourselves in our workshop in Sydney. 

We can customise our latex mattresses for you with different levels of firmness in the layers or adding or removing wool or coconut coir. For more information about the materials we use, and why we use them, visit here

If you have any concerns or need some help finding your most suitable mattress, feel free to contact us. 

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