Since 1984, The Natural Bedding Company has been handcrafting mattresses in the Inner West of Sydney. We use only top quality organic and sustainable materials. We have mattresses to suit every member of the family – including newborns and those with serious allergies. Whether you like your mattress hard, soft or something in between, we’re certain that you’ll find one that’s just right for you. From our Marrickville workshop, we personally deliver to nearby suburbs and through our trusted couriers we can deliver to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, and all other major cities as well as many regional areas.

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Mattress firmness is an especially important consideration for infants and growing children. A firm mattress is recommended for children under 18 months old for safety and to assist with proper development. Once your child is ready to move from their cot (if they have been sleeping in one), it really becomes a matter of personal preference, just like it is for adults. With most kids often not weighing enough for their body to drastically sink into their mattress, it means they don’t always require a mattress that has all the bells and whistles. 

Our most popular options for toddlers, kids, and young teens are the Aurora, Artemis and Cloud 7. All of these mattresses are a medium-firm feel, feature our 7 posture zone support system, and include a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. Any of the mattress suggestions above should last your little one well into teens/adulthood, provided regular maintenance is carried out and our care instructions are followed. 

Our all natural, handmade cot & bassinet mattresses are a great choice for parents who want their babies to sleep on natural materials from day one, minimising their risk of exposure to toxic materials.These mattresses are custom made in our own Sydney workshop, with a coir core for firmness, layered with pure Australian Downs wool (a great thermoregulator) in a certified Organic Cotton cover. 

We have been in the mattress making business since 1984 and understand that as the market has grown so have the shapes and sizes of cots and bassinets. These mattresses are made to the specific dimensions you require, with no additional fee for any customisations up to 132x76cm. Please contact us if you need something larger than this. We do require a template of the mattress if it has rounded corners or the shape is anything other than a rectangle/square. Please note that the thickness of the mattresses is not customisable, as the current layering is designed and tested, with your baby’s safety the main concern, to comply with AS/NZS Voluntary Standard 8811.1:2013: Methods of testing infant products – Sleep surfaces – Test for firmness.

Coir, rubberised coconut fibres, is used as the core piece for our custom cot & bassinet mattresses due to its high density of 85kgm³, providing a solid yet supportive base for your baby's developing body. The coir offers minimal cushioning so we have added a layer of untreated Australian Downs wool which is also a great thermoregulator. These layers are hand stitched through a method called tufting, into an Organic Cotton cover. The entire process is free from toxic chemicals, synthetic materials and glues. We decided to use coir instead of latex due to its higher density, and the fact that it does not allow for any ‘sinking in’ like latex can. 

Partner disturbance can be frustrating and we understand how important getting a good night sleep is! We have found that because the high-quality Organic Latex we use in our mattresses isn't as 'jelly-like' as memory foams or as rigid as a traditional innerspring mattress, movement is more easily absorbed and the mattress doesn’t react in the same way. The mattresses in our range containing the cushioning layers of latex performed higher during the product testing phase when it came to reducing partner disturbance. As mattress feel is very subjective, we always recommend light sleepers come into one of our showrooms or stockists to find out which style will suit their needs best when possible. 

Our GOLS certified carbon-neutralised Organic Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust-mite resistant. It’s great for anyone sensitive to synthetic products or chemicals, and produces very little off-gassing. It also lasts for years – it should be 20+ years before you’ll see any sign of indentation in your mattress. 

The Organic Latex we use offers wonderful support and our 10 unique layering designs allows our range to cater for varying levels of firmness and comfort. Grown in Sri-Lanka the process to create this latex involves the milk of the rubber tree being sustainably harvested then whipped and baked to make the Organic Latex foam. In our Sydney workshop, we assemble the latex layers, using varied thicknesses and densities to create the different levels of firmness and softness. Most of our designs include a layer of Australian Downs Wool, these layers are all sewn (tufted) by hand into an Organic Cotton and hemp cover. We use the method of tufting to keep our layers together in order to avoid using glues and unnecessary toxic chemicals. 

While memory foam and polyfoam can offer some support, they tend to get hot very quickly and many of these synthetic mattresses are manufactured with harsh & toxic chemicals. Latex has an open cell structure which allows heat to dissipate so you can keep cool and comfortable throughout the night. All this while being completely natural and free from toxic chemicals. We have been manufacturing natural mattresses ourselves since 1984 and take great pride in creating products that are healthy for you & the planet, and are genuinely made with love and care.

One of the reasons that we use Organic Latex in our mattresses is for its longevity; latex can retain its shape for a long period of time when it is cared for correctly and doesn't tend compress with time or use like wool does. Over the years we have found that wool can compress and change the shape and feel of the mattress over time, which is why we have opted for a thin 1-2cm layer of wool around our mattress rather than featuring it as a larger component.

An additional benefit of our Organic Latex mattresses is their natural anti-microbial and dustmite-resistant properties. Our mattresses are encased in Untreated Australian Downs wool, so you will receive the same benefits of an Organic Wool mattress, such as thermo-regulation and a mattress that is naturally flame-retardant but with the benefits of the Organic Latex.

All of our mattresses come with a 10-year warranty but are expected to last longer. We have had clients provide feedback that their mattress has lasted 15-20 years and still provides the comfort and support they require.

As our products are not treated with heavy chemicals to deter things like mould, we do recommend a slatted base and a little extra upkeep. Flipping your mattress regularly will assist with airflow to the components of your mattress that can be prone to mould growth. Latex itself is naturally anti-microbial and is not a mould or allergen conducive environment, it is however the padding layers, untreated downs wool & Organic Cotton & Hemp covers, where mould can develop.  Additionally, we do not use any fire retardants or popular chemicals like Benzene, Dimethylformamide, TDI and Polyols which you may find in synthetic, mainstream mattresses. 

Worth it for a safe sleep environment if you ask us! 

If you have any questions about mattress upkeep and assistance deciding whether or not a TNBC mattress is right for you, please email

We do! You can view our Organic Latex Topper here, or if you prefer wool for it’s thermoregulation properties and some additional cushioning, we also offer an Organic Latex and Wool Topper. These can be made to suit any size bed, even custom beds in campers and tiny homes. 

A topper is a great option for adding an additional layer of cushioning to a mattress that is feeling too firm, or if you want to invest in a natural and organic sleep surface but are not quite ready to commit to a whole new mattress. Either way, please be aware it does change the feel of the mattress below and that any dipping or sagging in your existing mattress will cause the topper to mould to this. 

If you are having trouble deciding on a mattress online and are unable to try the mattresses in-store, we occasionally suggest some of our customers go with the firmer option as you can always make a mattress softer with a topper, but it is much more difficult to change a mattress to make it firmer! 

Organic Latex Mattress Toppers

Whether you’re looking to add an additional layer of cushioning to your bed or just want to get a feel for latex before purchasing a mattress, a latex mattress topper may be the right choice for you. Made from plush organic materials, like soft Australian Downs wool and organic latex, our range of latex mattress toppers all fit comfortably under any fitted sheet or mattress protector, comes with a removable and washable cover, and can be rolled up for convenient storage. 100% organic and hand-stitched in Australia, our latex mattress toppers are a beautiful addition to any low-tox bedroom.

Eco-Friendly Bedding

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, a philosophy we believe is reflected in our range of latex mattress toppers. We only work with suppliers we can trust that share our commitment to transparency and preserving the natural environment. Sustainable and low-impact manufacturing processes are not only great for the Earth but ensure that the final product is low-tox and safe.

Our carbon-neutralised Organic Latex is tested and certified to ensure it is non-toxic, and, being latex, it boasts impressive natural properties such as being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, dust mite resistant and is naturally flame retardant.

Sourced from farms in southern parts of Australia, the Downs Wool we use is of the highest standard. It has not been carbonised, nor does it undergo harsh chemical treatments of any kind. It is simply washed using a natural detergent which leaves a lot of the natural lanolin on the wool and ensures it has plenty of bounce. Not only does this make the wool great for chemically sensitive individuals but it also reduces the toxic waste produced from the wool industry. A further benefit of this wool is that it is naturally thermoregulating, so will work to allow heat to be dissipated evenly, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Every latex mattress topper in our range is verified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO -TEX to ensure it is safe and chemical-free.


We offer a wide range of sizes for our organic latex mattress toppers to cater for a variety of bedrooms. This range includes single, king single, double, queen, king, and super king. Each latex mattress topper is chemical free and certified safe, even for young children.

Complete Your Low-tox Bedroom

Looking to complete your low-tox bedroom? Learn more about our full range of natural bedding products below:

Organic Latex Mattresses
Employing posture zones for premium support, our natural latex mattresses offer unparalleled comfort while also being low-tox, allergy friendly mattresses. Gently contouring to the shape of your body before bouncing back, our organic latex mattresses will retain their shape and comfort for many years with proper care.

Our organic latex mattresses are available in all standard sizes, including single, king-single, double, queen size latex mattress, king size latex mattress and super-king latex mattress.

For our vegan customers, we are able to make our organic mattresses without the wool layer for a pure latex mattress encased in our unique organic cotton and hemp cover. A selection of these all natural latex mattress styles come with a removable and washable cover for convenience.

If you prefer a firmer feel, our latex mattress range includes two coconut fibre mattresses that offer strong support due to the density of the coconut coir. To provide some necessary cushioning, our Deluxe and Supreme coconut fibre mattresses have layers of organic latex on either side of the coir core to create a more comfortable feel without losing any of the firm support. We also make wool and coir cot mattress and bassinet mattresses for babies and toddlers. 

Handcrafted Timber Bedroom Furniture
Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Australian environment, our range of solid oak timber bedroom furniture comprises of stunning, Scandinavian-inspired designs that showcase the best that native hardwood has to offer.

Every piece of Natural Bedding timber bedroom furniture is designed and constructed in-house by a small team of passionate woodworkers. As our pieces are made to order, our wooden bed frames and wooden bedside tables can be tailored to suit your preferences. To finish each piece, the timber is coated with an eco-friendly sealer of your choice that gives a beautiful finish and offers a layer of protection for the oak bedroom furniture. 

Pillow and Mattress Protectors
Ensure the longevity of your latex mattress with an organic cotton mattress protector. Made from pure, GOTS-certified cotton, they are perfect for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. In addition to keeping you cool with a breathable design, these organic mattress protectors help protect your mattress from dust and moisture.

We offer a wide range of sizes for our organic mattress protectors to cater for a variety of bedrooms. This range includes single, king single, double, queen, king, and super king mattress protectors. Cot and bassinet protectors are also available for your little ones. Each protector is chemical free and certified safe, even for babies and young children.

Alongside the suite of mattress protectors, pillow protectors made from either Tencel or organic cotton are also available. The Tencel pillow protector is a great option for kids due to its water-resistant properties while the organic cotton offers a more luxurious and padded feel.

Natural Wool and Latex Pillows
Designed in Australia, our selection of natural wool and latex pillows provides comfort and support for a range of pillow preferences. Made entirely from organic and natural materials, our eco pillows are very low in VOCs and ideal for a low-tox home. Unlike chemically treated pillows which can release harmful irritants after interacting with the body’s natural heat, every pillow in our range excludes all synthetic contaminants. This makes our organic pillows ideal for allergy sufferers or those with chemical sensitivities.

Latex Pillows: Certified to the GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 standards, the organic latex we use is naturally flame retardant, dust mite-resistant, hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and anti-fungal. While some materials can create heat while you sleep, this is not the case with our organic latex which utilises a breathable open cell structure that assists in heat dissipation. Latex is also a robust material that rebounds to keeps its shape and provide lasting support. Our sustainable latex pillows afford premier comfort and assist in postural alignment with their natural elasticity.

Wool Pillows: The natural wool pillows in our range are handcrafted from pure, untreated wool, sourced from Victoria and South Australia. These handcrafted natural and organic wool pillows are ideal for hot sleepers due to the wool’s natural thermoregulating properties. These wool pillows wick away moisture to keep you cool and are perfect for warmer climates.

Organic Bedding and Accessories
Put the finishing touches on your low-tox bedroom with our wide variety of healthy and sustainable bedding accessories. From French linen bedding and quilt covers, organic wool and cotton quilts, and organic blankets and throws, you are bound to discover the perfect pieces to help you get the best night’s sleep you possibly can.


Want to learn more about our natural materials or have a general enquiry? Our helpful FAQs page may be a good place to start. For specific enquiries or more information about the our newest Gold Coast store, feel free to get in touch with our helpful retail team on 1300 991 255 or at

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