Organic mattresses in Melbourne

Get the natural sleep you deserve with an organic latex mattress in Melbourne. Organic latex mattresses have been growing in popularity across Australia and when you examine the innate qualities that our organic latex has, it is no surprise as to why.

A natural latex mattress in Melbourne is:

  • Biodegradable
  • Hygienic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Dust mite-resistant
  • Fire-retardant
  • Cool, porous and breathable
  • Supportive
  • Made from sustainable materials, made ethically
  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins

The Healthy Natural Choice

An organic latex mattress is ideal for creating a natural home in Melbourne. Our mattresses are not only eco-friendly and sustainable but provide a supreme level of comfort and support.

Our organic Latex mattresses in Melbourne will mould to the contours and curves of your body, giving support in any sleeping position. While memory foam and polyfoam may also be known for this feature, they lack the ventilation of our organic latex mattresses. Synthetic foams absorb and hold heat from your body, whereas an organic latex mattress in Melbourne is made from highly porous organic latex offering plenty of airflow through the mattress in order to dissipate any stored heat, and ensure a cool and comfortable night's sleep.

How is it harvested –

Our organic latex mattresses in Melbourne are made in inner Sydney, from organic latex harvested from certified sustainable rubber tree farms in Sri Lanka. We work hard every day to ensure your mattress products are made in a way that we can be proud of, with results that speak for themselves. Knowing our materials suppliers are ethical and fair, means we can focus completely on creating the comfiest organic latex mattresses.

The latex is harvested by pulling back some of the bark from the tree and using a container to catch the white milk or sap that comes out of the tree as it falls from a small tap. This means the trees don’t needoto be cut down to obtain this natural resource. The milk is whipped and baked to make an organic latex foam that we use to make our latex You can find our organic latex mattresses in Melbourne at our stockist Southwood Home in Fitzroy.

How to choose the right mattress

When you are attempting to choose the right organic latex mattress in Melbourne for your bed, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Size - First of all, it is important that you know the size of the mattress that you are looking for. since the introduction of more European bed frames into Australia, the standard length for a single and double bed can vary. Make sure you measure the bed frame that you are looking to fit, or check the frame specs before you order a new organic latex mattress in Melbourne. We offer all the sizes that you may require whether its single, king single, double, queen or king. It is important to note the dimensions as well, as sometimes there may be variations from the standard. Our single and double mattresses in Melbourne are available in two different dimensions, so please let us know which one you are requesting when you order them.
  2. Firmness - Secondly, you should understand what kind of support or cushioning you desire out of your new mattress; whether its soft, medium, firm, or super firm. These can be highly subjective terms so it is always ideal to try out the mattress where at all possible.
  3. Budget - Thirdly, it is crucial that you have a budget set out in mind and that you stick with it. Organic latex mattresses are a premium quality bed product, renowned for their great support for your sleep. However, if you are finding it out of your price range you can also consider investing in a latex mattress overlay. A latex overlay can make your old mattresses in Melbourne feel refreshed again, so you can go back to sleeping in comfort without having to replace a whole mattress. Keep in mind that our mattresses will last 15-20+ years under the right conditions. They can often be more economical than a cheaper mattress you may end up replacing as early as one year later.