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Find enjoyable, rewarding slumber in an organic mattress in Burwood. When it comes to comfort, there is nothing better than an all-natural latex mattress that’s soft and bouncy to the touch, and expertly moulds to the curves of your body.

At The Natural Bedding Company, we are lovers of good healthy rest. We handmake our own mattresses locally here in Sydney using high quality organic ingredients. And while we care about sleep, we also understand that knowing where the materials of our products come from will also help you come to rest. That’s why we make it a point to let you know that we source all our materials from sustainability certified farms and plantations, from companies that look after their employees and their families.

As much as possible, we try to lower our environmental impact and give back. As such, you can expect a sustainable premium mattress that lasts and lasts.

Why is a natural latex mattress the healthy choice?

Our natural latex mattresses are made from organic materials, with no harmful chemicals or toxins.

Polyfoam mattresses are made from synthetic and petroleum-based chemicals, that are mostly later processed to become neutralised. These synthetic foam mattresses off gas chemicals into your breathing space at night and cause irritation in your nose, eyes, and throat. An organic mattress is ideal for those that are chemically sensitive or require clean air where they sleep.

In addition, latex mattresses also offer these benefits:

  • Allergy free – Natural latex mattresses in Burwood are hypo allergenic, so you can have full confidence that your mattress won’t gather allergens and make your bedroom a space where you sneeze a lot.
  • Hygienic – Organic latex mattresses are also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust mite resistant, so you won’t have to fear about problems with mould or mites when you keep your mattress in a ventilated open slat base
  • Cool – Natural latex ventilates itself with its small pores that suck in and expel air, helping you keep cool during the night and helping the mattress stay dry and clean.
  • Comfortable – Plush and soft yet firm, a natural latex mattress has the strength to bounce back after each use to readjust to your new sleeping position. Giving you a comfortable and resilient bed that lasts well into 15-20 years.
  • Supportive – A natural latex mattress in Burwood embraces the contours of your body, giving you support across your whole body.
  • Reduced partner disturbance – One feature that is often a favourite for couples with our mattresses is the reduced mattress movement when someone takes a bit of time to adjust to find a comfortable position.

What are the other benefits of organic wool and coir in a mattress in Burwood?

Wool – At The Natural Bedding Company, we also provide latex mattresses sandwiched with wool. Wool has its own strong bounce and is notably soft. Besides this, wool is also a great temperature regulator, so it keeps you cool in Summer. It is also naturally flame resistant and dust mite resistant.

Coir- We source the bark of coconuts sustainably from Sri Lanka. We also coat the coir with natural latex to give it density and make it stable. Coir provides great orthoepic support for your back and skeleton. We use it as a central coir for our supreme mattress as well as our bassinet and cot mattresses.

The Makers of Natural Beds and Beddings

Here at The Natural Bedding Company, we are proudly passionate about sleep. We make our products only with quality organic materials that we love telling you about. .

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