Build a better bed in Burwood

Find the natural sleep you deserve in an organic mattress in Burwood. Our natural, organic latex mattresses offer optimal support with seven posture zones, ensuring you always get a comfortable and healthy night sleep.

At The Natural Bedding Company, we care deeply about giving you a comfortable and low-tox sleep. Our mattresses are handcrafted locally in inner Sydney using the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. Our premium mattresses are built to last and we give you a 10 year guarantee on your purchase, though with care your mattress can last for 15-20 years. Not only are our materials of the highest quality but you can also rest assured that they were manufactured ethically. We make a point of sourcing our materials only from certified sustainable farms and plantations and from companies that look after their employees and their families.

As much as possible, we try to lower our environmental impact and give back.

Why is a natural latex mattress the healthy choice?

We incorporate the safest, healthiest, and highest-quality materials into every one of our organic mattresses. Our organic natural latex mattresses are chemical free, made from quality sourced products from our reliable suppliers.

Polyfoam mattresses are made from synthetic and petroleum-based chemicals, that are often then processed to become neutralised. These synthetic foam mattresses off gas chemicals into your breathing space at night and cause irritation in your nose, eyes, and throat. Our mattresses are naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal, fire-retardant, and anti-bacterial. If you’re a sensitive sleeper or prone to allergies, then our organic natural latex mattresses may be perfect for you.

In addition, latex mattresses also offer these benefits:

  • Allergy friendly  – Natural latex mattresses in Burwood are hypo allergenic. Our organic latex is dust mite-resistant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and is not chemically treated. You can rest assured that your mattress will not gather allergens and will help to make your bedroom a space where you can get the natural sleep you deserve.
  • Cool – Some materials create heat, but latex isn’t one of them. It’s a natural product and, with all its tiny pores, it is constantly breathing. Put wool on top of the latex, as we can do, and that’s even more of a temperature regulator.
  • Comfortable – Plush or firm, a natural organic latex mattress has the ability to spring back and readjust to each new sleeping position, giving you a comfortable and resilient bed that will last you 15-20+ years.
  • Supportive – A natural organic latex mattress in Burwood embraces and supports the contours of your body, giving you support across your whole body.
  • Reduced partner disturbance – One feature that is often a favourite for couples with our mattresses is the reduced mattress movement or partner disturbance.

What are the other benefits of wool and coir in a mattress in Burwood?

Wool – Wrapping your organic latex mattress in a layer of untreated Australian Downs Wool offers another layer of comfort for your mattress. Wool has its own strong bounce (loft) and has natural wicking properties, making it a great temperature regulator. It is also naturally flame resistant and dust mite resistant.

Coir- Our coconut fibre is sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers in Sri Lanka. To protect the coir and give it consistent density, it is sprayed with natural latex. Coir provides great orthopaedic support and we use it as a central core for our firmer style Supreme and Deluxe mattresses, as well as in our bassinet and cot mattresses.

The Makers of Natural Beds and Beddings

At The Natural Bedding Company, we are committed to giving you the natural sleep you deserve. We make our products using only the safest, healthiest, and highest-quality materials sourced from fair and ethical suppliers.