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Sleep Sweetly and Sustainably in South Australia

Using only the safest, healthiest, and highest-quality material, The Natural Bedding Company organic natural latex mattresses can be shipped to Adelaide with our reliable delivery partner.

The demand for organic latex mattresses has risen as awareness grows around the harmful effects of the petroleum-based chemicals and other toxins that are used in most mattresses. In addition to being made from organic, natural materials, our organic latex mattresses offer a premium level of comfort and support.

Comfortable, cool, and contouring, organic natural latex embraces your body as you sleep, aiding you with the best support for your limbs and your spine all throughout the night.

All the organic latex mattresses in Adelaide we supply are Australian made by us at our own factory workshop in Sydney. Our mattresses are made to order, ensuring your latex mattress in Adelaide is tailored to your individual needs. As a business that has been making handcrafted products locally in inner Sydney since 1984, we take pride in our excellent quality control.

Why sleep on a natural latex mattress in Adelaide?

Organic natural latex mattresses are made from the milk of the rubber tree that is processed, whipped and baked to be turned into the foam-like material that more and more Australians are switching to sleep on.

An organic natural latex mattress in Adelaide has all the advantages of a memory foam mattress, without the disadvantages.

It offers:

  • Comfort and support – Organic latex provides a plush, supportive surface that embraces your body and ‘springs back’ giving renowned comfort and support throughout the night for the natural sleep you deserve.
  • Ventilated and cool - Memory foam gathers heat as its dense form becomes compact to give you support. Conversely, organic natural latex is a breathable material and contains many pores, so a latex mattress in Adelaide can often keep you cooler throughout the night. If you sleep hot, a natural latex mattress may not make you cooler, but it will not add to your heat issues. Consider opting for an organic latex mattress in Adelaide wrapped in untreated Australian Downs wool. Wool naturally has wicking properties that gives exceptional abilities as a temperature regulator.
  • Moisture resistant – Wool draws moisture away from you, keeping you dry through both humid summer nights and cold winters when you want to pull up all the covers.
  • Hygienic – organic natural latex is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so you can worry less about mould or harmful bacteria building up inside your mattress.
  • Hypo Allergenic – Natural latex is a hypo-allergenic materials, so if you’re a sensitive sleeper or prone to allergies, then our organic natural latex mattresses may be perfect for you.
  • Dust Mite Resistant –natural latex is an inhospitable environment for dust mites.

The Makers of Natural Beds and Bedding

We are a family-owned business, dedicated to sustainable business practices and high-quality products. We know how our products are made from start to finish and ensure that they are ethical, natural and chem-free. If you would like to read more about the quality, organic materials we use and how we source them you can read more here.

If you require any answers to your questions not answered here, do feel free to get in touch with us.

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