Since 1984, The Natural Bedding Company has been producing mattresses of outstanding handcrafted quality that deliver exceptional comfort and support. Each one is made to order in our Sydney workshop, where the world’s finest GOLS-certified Organic Latex meets the hands of master crafters. From plush to firm support, newborns to those with serious allergies, our bespoke natural mattresses suit all sleep styles.

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Natural Cot Mattress

Natural Cot Mattress

$899.00 AUD
Thoughtfully designed and handcrafted from purely natural materials, the wool and coir cot provides the firm support a young child needs. The organic and natural components used in the mattress’...
Bassinet Mattress

Bassinet Mattress

$399.00 AUD
Handcrafted from premium natural materials with love and care, our wool and coir bassinet mattress provides the firm support your baby needs. We understand how important it is for infants...

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Organic Cot and Bassinet Mattresses

Handcrafted from premium natural materials with love and care, our wool and coir bassinet and cot mattresses provide the firm support your little one needs. We understand how important it is for infants and toddlers to have a healthy sleeping environment. As a result we’ve created a bassinet mattress and a cot mattress that is extremely low in VOCs and made with 100% natural materials, so there are no nasty synthetics or harmful toxins hiding within. Moreover, each bassinet and cot mattress undergoes rigorous testing to comply with the AS/NZS Voluntary Standard for firmness to ensure your child can sleep peacefully and safely. 

As all of our natural mattresses are custom and handmade to order in our own Sydney workshop, we are able to allow for some customisation. Should the bassinet be other than a rectangular shape with right-angled corners, please provide a template.

If you’d like to come in to one of our showrooms to view one of our natural cot or bassinet mattress for yourself, we offer our full range at our StanmoreMarrickvilleUltimo Sydney showroom and our new Gold Coast showroom in Carrara. Trying our organic mattress in turn is the best way to get a real sense of our quality and for mattress firmness. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like further information about any of our products, we are always happy to help.


Benefits of Natural Materials

Coconut Coir
Crafted from the shredded fibres of coconut shells and rubberised with GOLS Certified liquid Organic Latex, coconut coir provides firm, even support. Perfect for use in both our cot and bassinet mattresses, the firm support from a coir core is also popular with those who prefer a more robust feel. Due to the latex coating, the coir is naturally dust-mite resistant and anti-fungal.

Untreated Australian Downs Wool
The natural wool we use as the outer layer in most of our mattresses is a pure, untreated Downs wool sourced from Victoria and South Australia. The wool does not undergo any chemical treatments, only being washed with a mild detergent and then carded to ensure it retains its soft, natural feel.

Learn more about the organic materials we use in our products on our materials page

Sustainability and Ethically Manufacturing

In a range of our products, you will find Untreated Australian Downs Wool. Sourced from Victoria and South Australia we use wool of the highest standard that has not been highly chemically processed. Not only does this make the wool great for chemically sensitive individuals but it also reduces the toxic waste produced from the wool industry.

The wool we use is washed with a mild detergent and then carded. It doesn't undergo typical processes like 'carbonisation' which is a chemically intensive process that strips the wool of plant debris as well as much of the natural lanolin found in wool.

Similar to our Latex, once your products containing our Untreated Australian Downs Wool reach the end of their lifetime they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The wool can either be used for composting or repurposed for a multitude of different uses, such as mulch in your garden, it is great for preventing weeds and retaining moisture.

You can learn more about our sustainability focus on our site, or contact us with any specific questions you may have.  


Complete Your Child's Low-tox Bedroom
Complete your child's low-tox bedroom with our organic bedding and accessories. Learn more about our full range of natural bedding products below:

Pillow and Mattress Protectors
Ensure the longevity of your little one's mattress with our Cot & Bassinet Tencel Mattress Protector, which will help protect their mattress from dust and moisture.

Clinically tested for sensitive skin, this hypo-allergenic protector range features a non-toxic, one-way polyurethane membrane to provide water-resistant yet breathable protection. Made from Tencel, a cool and absorbent eucalyptus-based fibre, the protector is anti-bacterial and free from any pesticides or agricultural chemicals. This range is Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified.

Want to learn more about our natural materials or have a general enquiry? Our helpful FAQs page may be a good place to start. For specific enquiries or more information about the our newest Gold Coast store, feel free to get in touch with our helpful retail team on 1300 991 255 or at

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