33 things you can ditch this week for a less cluttered home

33 things you can ditch this week for a less cluttered home

Spring has well and truly arrived - and with it comes the annual spring clean. As we wind down the year and head into Christmas and holidays, it’s the ideal time to refresh your space and start a new season with a clear, clutter-free home.

While minimalism might be a suave style trend, the science behind decluttering shows immense benefits to your mind. According to a study by Princeton University, researchers discovered our environment has a big influence on our mental health and ability to complete tasks - put simply, scattered home, scattered mind. 

That being said, it’s not always easy - or fun - to completely clean out your space, which is why we’re starting with just 33 manageable things you could work through in a week. From there, you’ll undoubtedly find more things to toss, recycle or donate, but since the hardest part is just getting started, our nifty little list is here to help.

Most of the things on this list accumulate by accident - and often start with good intentions, like not wasting old Tupperware or saving receipts, manuals, or paper bags. Other things - like appliances, board games and clothes - might just feel like clutter because you’ve outgrown them. And because we love any chance to reduce waste, these items offer the perfect opportunity to throw a swap party with your friends. Everyone brings good quality items they no longer want or use - then let the swapping begin! 

Take a leaf out of spring’s book and start fresh this season. Who knows where this simple list could lead you… 



Decluttering the bedroom

1. Wardrobe. Remove anything you haven’t worn in over a year, donate the good stuff (or save for a swap party), and send the rest to Upparel to use in their textile recycling programs. 

2. Underwear and socks. Ditch the odd socks, old knickers, bras that have seen better days, and stockings full of holes.

3. Any other accessories that you no longer wear - think scarves, belts & bags.

4. Old and unwanted bedding. Bid farewell to all your old sheets, worn-out pillowcases and doona covers - you can donate your old bedding to pet rescue centres. Then, we recommend rewarding yourself for the effort with some gorgeous all-natural bedding accessories that’ll make you feel as fresh as spring!

5. Low quality pillows. Flat, lumpy pillows be gone! Time to swap them out for some new organic latex or wool pillows for a better night’s sleep.

6. Boring bedside trinkets. Make like Marie Kondo and ask yourself, does this spark joy? If the answer is no, then it’s time to go.

7. Jewellery you no longer wear. Recycle or resell if possible!

8. Any extra buttons or safety pins you’ve been holding onto.




Decluttering the bathroom

9. Expired products. Ditch any makeup, medicine and skincare that’s past it’s used by date.

10. Almost empty or empty bottles. Add the empty droppers or jars you say you’ll clean and reuse to your decluttering spree.

11. Old towels and face cloths. Leave some for cleaning purposes, and donate or ditch the rest.

12. Product samples you’ve been hoarding in your bathroom cupboard that you’ll probably never use.

13. Old or spare makeup brushes. If you haven’t worked out what to use them for yet, there’s a good chance you never will.

14. Extra hair ties, clips and scrunchies - a girl only needs so many.

15. Pare back your nail polish collection, only keeping the ones you use again and again.

16. Spare toothbrushes from the dentist, hotel rooms or plane trips.



Decluttering the kitchen

17. Extra kitchen items. We’re talking about the 5 wooden spoons, spare set of plates you never use, eighth set of tongs.

18. Expired spice jars, condiments, jams and mini soy sauce packets that are hiding in the back of your fridge or pantry.

19. Chipped or damaged crockery. Either donate or discard them - or turn them into cute little pots for your plants.

20. Excess Tupperware & takeout containers.

21. Paper takeout menus that have accumulated in your drawers.

22. Expired or unused discount coupons that you’ve saved from your mailbox.

23. Plastic or paper bags you’ve hoarded over the years.

24. Any other glassware you don’t use, like novelty shot glasses or dozens of wine glasses.



Decluttering the home

25. Recycle old birthday or Christmas cards you’ve kept out of guilt or obligation. Until next year, that is…

26. Artworks you meant to hang but didn’t, and that you no longer enjoy looking at. Save your wall space for stuff that makes you feel happy!

27. CDs, DVDs & video tapes that you haven’t used since Netflix and Spotify launched.

28. Throw in the devices used to play these discs - DVD or CD players, cassette players, and old TVs. If they’re not wanted at donation hubs like the Salvos, look into where your Council allows you to recycle them.

29. Excess vases taking up space in your cupboard.

30. Old batteries, cables and remotes you keep ‘just in case’

31. Recycle old magazines and newspaper.

32. Used notebooks and diaries from previous years that you don’t have sentimental attachment to.

33. Old candles that have long burnt out, but that you never got around to tossing



This is only a starting point - but when they’re small, manageable, and broken up into household categories, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can tick things off the list. Then watch your whole mood and home vibes improve…