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Latex Pillow in Brisbane

With more than three decades of experience handcrafting natural bedding, The Natural Bedding Company is the foremost latex pillow manufacturer in Australia. Since our inception, we have been committed to sustainability and working with low-tox materials, ideals we believe are reflected in our products. Customers in Brisbane can browse our stunning range online or try our latex pillows in person at our new Gold Coast store opening near the end of 2021.

The organic latex we use is certified to the GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 standards, and is naturally dust mite-resistant, hypo-allergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and flame retardant. We impose stringent regulations upon the latex manufacturing process so we can confidently offer a final product that is organic and free from any harmful toxins.

Head & Shoulder Support

Featuring a therapeutically designed curved shape, the contour latex pillow cradles your head and encourages correct postural alignment. Additionally, the standard latex pillow features an elliptical shape with a lower density latex centre and firmer edge to properly support your head, neck and shoulders.

Benefits of a Latex Pillow

Manufactured from low-tox materials, an organic latex pillow is ideal for allergy sufferers and those with chemical sensitivities. Every step of production is strictly monitored to ensure the absence of any synthetic or harmful substances and consequently our organic latex pillows and mattresses are very low in VOCs and perfect for a healthy home.

The latex we use is durable and abounds with natural elasticity. It will keep its shape for many years with proper care and can continue to provide its premium comfort and support.

High Profile Pillows

If you require a pillow with a higher profile than afforded by our pure organic latex pillows, we offer contoured and elliptical latex pillows with either an outer layer of wool or encased in a down cover.

Providing extra thickness and better temperature regulation, the organic latex & wool pillow is softer to the touch. For the organic latex & down pillow, the down is certified to the Responsible Down Standard, and retains the same head and neck targeted support but with a luxurious outer layer.

Cool, Comfortable Sleep

Crafted from low-tox and natural materials, our organic latex pillows are designed to keep you comfortable across a range of night time temperatures, even in hotter climates such as Brisbane. Unlike synthetic pillows which often release harmful irritants upon contact with your body’s natural heat, the breathable open cell structure of our organic latex pillows allows heat to dissipate. Our range of latex & wool pillows are perfect for hot sleepers as the untreated wool is an excellent natural thermoregulator and will wick away moisture.

King Size Pillows

Alongside our pillows in the standard size, we make an elliptical-shaped latex pillow in a King size. Sharing its design with the standard latex pillow, this pillow offers the same superb head and neck support but is made to fit perfectly across a King mattress in a pair.

Ethical & Sustainable Manufacturing

Grown in Sri Lanka, the organic latex found in our latex pillows is sourced from sustainable plantations. We care deeply about ethical practice at every stage of production and only partner with businesses that pay their workers a fair wage and better the communities they are located in by offering programs.

Sourced from sustainable plantations in Sri Lanka, the latex used in our latex pillows is certified organic. Worker rights and paying fair wages are issues we care deeply about and we choose to only partner with businesses that share these priorities. Our organic latex supplier properly compensates its employees for their important work and betters the community it is part of by offering programs for their staff.

Beyond ensuring the fair treatment of workers, we are mindful of how the latex harvesting process can affect the environment. Accordingly, we utilise a sustainable and low-impact harvesting method where the latex trees are tapped instead of cut down so they may produce for years to come.

Pillow Care

For purely latex pillows, the organic cotton cover can be removed and washed in cool water. Please be advised, the latex insert itself is not washable. For wool or wool and latex pillows, we strongly recommend you do not attempt to take off the organic cotton cover. Regularly airing your pillow and spot cleaning stains is the best way to keep it fresh.

Want to learn more about our natural materials or shipping options for orders from Brisbane? Take a look at our extensive FAQs page. For more specific enquiries, feel free to get in touch with our helpful retail team on 1300 991 255 or at

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