Babies and Children

Discover our hand picked selection of natural bedding for babies and children, crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. From soft organic wool pillows to supportive and firm non-toxic mattresses, each piece has been thoughtfully designed either in-house or by one of our trusted partners to provide comfort and style for your little one's dreamy sleep space. This range is incredibly popular among parents who prioritise creating a healthy sleep space for their family, minimising their risk of exposure to toxic materials.

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Low Profile Latex Pillow

Low Profile Latex Pillow

$145.00 AUD
Perfect for those who prefer a lower profile, this pillow has been carefully designed to provide ample support while retaining a minimal form. A flat base and a gently contoured...
Kids Organic Wool Pillow

Kids Organic Wool Pillow

$162.00 AUD
A lower pillow, as recommended for growing children. The filling is 100 per cent pure, best quality Australian Organic wool without any additives or treatments. A standard size pillowcase fits...
Low Profile Organic Wool Pillow

Low Profile Organic Wool Pillow

$184.00 AUD
A pillow for those who prefer a lower profile pillow. The filling is 100 per cent pure, quality organic Australian wool without any additives or treatments. A standard size pillowcase fits...

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Children's Pillows

Ensure your little one has the healthiest bedding possible with our range of children's pillows. From organic latex pillows to natural wool pillows, rest easy knowing your child is sleeping only on natural, breathable and low-tox materials.

Designed in Australia, our selection of natural wool and latex pillows provides comfort and support for a range of pillow preferences. Made entirely from organic and natural materials, our eco pillows are very low in VOCs and ideal for a low-tox home. Unlike chemically treated pillows which can release harmful irritants after interacting with the body’s natural heat, every pillow in our range excludes all synthetic contaminants. This makes our organic pillows ideal for allergy sufferers or those with chemical sensitivities.

Organic Latex Pillows
Certified to the GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 standards, the organic latex we use is naturally flame retardant, dust mite-resistant, hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and anti-fungal. While some materials can create heat while you sleep, this is not the case with our organic latex which utilises a breathable open cell structure that assists in heat dissipation. Latex is also a robust material that rebounds to keeps its shape and provide lasting support. Our sustainable latex pillows afford premier comfort and assist in postural alignment with their natural elasticity.

Natural Wool Pillows

The natural wool pillows in our range are handcrafted from pure, untreated wool, sourced from Victoria and South Australia. These handcrafted natural and organic wool pillows are ideal for hot sleepers due to the wool’s natural thermoregulating properties. These wool pillows wick away moisture to keep your child cool and are perfect for warmer climates.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Pillows for Children
Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, a philosophy we believe is reflected in our range of organic and natural pillows. We only work with suppliers we can trust that share our commitment to transparency and preserving the natural environment. Sustainable and low-impact manufacturing processes are not only great for the Earth but ensure that the final product is low-tox and safe.

Product Care
Our organic latex pillows are made with a removable/washable (cool water) certified organic cotton cover. Please be advised, the latex insert itself is not washable.

For pillows made from organic latex with an outer layer of natural wool, we recommend airing the pillow regularly airing the pillow in sunlight and spot cleaning for any minor stains. This pillow is not washable. If you are finding your latex and wool pillow to be too high in profile, you may unzip the cover and remove the wool layer.

The natural wool pillows in our range are handcrafted from pure, untreated wool, sourced from Victoria and South Australia. These pillows are not washable. To care for these Australian made pillows and keep the wool refreshed, please air the pillow often in direct sunlight. Please do not attempt to remove the cover or you may permanently misshape your pillow.

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