Send this guide to your family to avoid high-tox gifts this Christmas!

Send this guide to your family to avoid high-tox gifts this Christmas!
Christmas is always a tricky time for those of us trying to live a low
tox life. From excess plastic & food waste to the scary fact that
landfill gets hit hardest around Christmas/New Year, it’s an ethical
So one way we’re safeguarding against this is with a handy, hint-filled
gift guide that you can send to your loved ones to help with their
shopping. From low budget items and investment pieces to gift ideas
that leave no waste behind, this list is also perfect for all the gifts
you’ll enjoy buying for others.
Let the festive season begin!


Diving straight in with one of our favourites - reusable items for
everyday use! Think reusable coffee cups in glass or bright, custom
colours; stainless steel straws for your picnics or smoothies;
reusable produce bags for groceries or food storage; and even
reusable coffee pods for at-home coffee enthusiasts. 
Depending on the demographic you’re shopping for, there’s also
bottles; and more. Biome & Nourished Life are both excellent online
stores that specialise in low and zero waste products, so jump online,
pick a category, and shop to your heart’s content.

Beauty & skin

Everyone loves a bit of pampering around Christmas, but between
the myriad of brand choices and the unregulated use of toxins, it’s a
difficult field to navigate. Some of our favourite low tox skin brands
work across a range of fronts, from recycling their packaging to using
safe, ethical ingredients with 100% transparency. No green-washing
Check out the likes of Black Chicken, known for their natural, organic
skincare range, with items like deodorant, serums, and Christmas
gift packs with a mix of everything. 
Next on the hit list is Dr Bronner’s, a low tox trailblazer and household
name for their liquid soaps with multiple uses, lip balms, and gift
packs that let you try out a range of luscious smelling products. 
We also love Go-To Skincare for their gorgeous range of oils,
moisturisers, serums and face masks, as well as their cheeky,
lighthearted approach to skincare. This lush brand branches out to
their mens’ range, Bro-To, as well as their delightful kids’ range,
If it’s make-up you’re in the market for, we suggest heading to
Nourished Life for a browse of all the natural make-up brands in the
market, across every product you can imagine. Some trusted brands
to explore also include Inika - which even offer low cost sample
packs to see if their products suit you - and Ere Perez.


Want to give or receive a gift that comes with zero packaging and
loads of excitement? Experiences are the way to go. It might be a
voucher for dinner at your favourite restaurant, a wine & art night,
a cooking class, a night in a hotel, or an outdoor activity just in time
for summer.
This style of gift allows the giver to completely personalise the
experience, depending on your interests, location, and preferences.
With so many of us craving new experiences and escapes, this gift is
a winner on all fronts.

Gift vouchers

So many people view gift vouchers as the ‘back-up gift’ you give
when you can’t think of anything else. But what if we personalised
this type of gift, so it comes with added value? 
One of our low tox leaders is Alexx Stuart, and her motto is “buy
once, buy well”, meaning you invest in a quality, big ticket item once
and enjoy using it for a lifetime. In that sense, there’s no shame in
requesting a voucher for a specific store, knowing it will go towards
an item you’re excited about. 
For this one, we’re thinking cookware like cast iron pots; stainless
steel appliances; and household items like water purifiers. Another
item that’s high on everyone’s list but doesn’t necessarily fit under the
Christmas tree is an all natural mattress to replace the one you’re
currently sleeping on! With a voucher from The Natural Bedding
Company, you’ll be one step closer to purchasing a luxurious latex
mattress for a dreamy nights’ sleep, some indulgent organic
bedding, or natural latex pillows designed to support your spine and

For all ages

For those of you using this guide for yourself, as well as gift
inspiration in general, we’ve got a few extras up our sleeve!
Shopping for the little ones? What about beautiful gluten free and
naturally scented play dough from Happy Hands Happy Heart? A
gift for your child’s school teacher? Check out these cute Christmas
characters in English tea form. A 20-something girl who’s all about
self-confidence? A Vush Everything Nice Gift Set might be the
ticket. Dads and other men notoriously hard to buy for? How does a
All that’s left to do now is send this guide to your loved ones, use it
for your own shopping, and then enjoy a low tox holiday season.

Merry Christmas!