How to style your bedroom in 5 new trending vibes

How to style your bedroom in 5 new trending vibes

Thinking of a bedroom makeover? Looking to spruce up your space in line with a fresh new vibe? We’ve done some digging on some of the more popular interior trends, and now we’re showing you how to bring them to life in your own bedroom.

Whether your vibe is relaxed or eclectic, country or contemporary, we’ve covered a range of design flavours, while keeping the trends for the coming year in mind. All that’s left for you is to find the style that fits like a glove - and start adding to your shopping cart! 


Bedroom vibe: Minimalism

You love: monochrome colour palettes, functional furniture, clean design, sleek appliances

You avoid: clutter & excess decoration, mixed colours or textures, open shelving, dramatic lighting

Ideal colours: white, cream, grey, charcoal, black

Natural bedding products: Otis Bed Frame; French Linen Quilt Linen Pillowcases in White; Huey Low Rider; Luxury Chunky Box Throw in Grey

The minimalist trend has been around for a while, inspired by the likes of Marie Kondo and the sleek Scandinavian style (hello IKEA simplicity!) But it wouldn’t have persisted in interior design if it didn’t resonate with so many people’s style. Less clutter and possessions have also been shown to create a calmer ambience throughout your home, and in today’s world, this kind of sanctuary is extremely appealing. 

Meanwhile, the blend of clean lines, simple textures, and a stripped back approach to decorating continues to show up in the latest interior trends.

So how to style this vibe in your bedroom? Keeping things clear and clutter free are essential features of the minimalist design style, including clean lines in furniture like our Otis Bed Frame, with a minimalist, functional design and recessed legs for the floating look. 

Consider a stripped back colour palette of white contrasted with block colours like black or grey, and using accents in things like floor lamps or artwork. If the furnishings aren’t functional, then they’re not in the space, with wardrobes and side tables like our Huey designed to keep your storage under wraps rather than out on display.


Bedroom vibe: Bohemian

You love: vibrant colours & textures, ornate rugs, macrame wall hangings, vintage furniture

You avoid: too much black, mass produced furnishings, minimalist decor

Ideal colours: rustic red, mustard, olive green, dusty pink, orange, emerald green

Natural bedding products: Lo-Line Bed Frame; French Linen Sheets in Mustard; Huey Low Rider side table; French Linen Quilt Cover in Tobacco

Another trend that’s making a comeback in the bedroom interior space is the relaxed bohemian style. The boho vibe is an unconventional and free-spirited approach to styling, bringing a mixture of patterns, textures, woods, and colours to your home. In many ways, this aesthetic is the opposite of minimalism, with eclectic ornaments, vintage furniture, lots of bright artwork, and mismatched bedding.

Handmade wooden furniture makes a great foundation for the boho decor, with low to the ground bed frames like our Lo-Line style bringing a natural, handcrafted look. Add side tables and surfaces that incorporate space for quirky possessions, natural textures like linen and rattan, and accessories like cushions and throws, and you’re well on your way to achieving the Boho vibe.


Bedroom vibe: Cottagecore

You love: cosy throws & thick bedding, fresh flowers, oversized armchairs, fairy lights, handmade furniture

You avoid: dark colours, harsh lighting, industrial furnishings, coarse textiles

Ideal colours: pastel pink, milky white, sage, lavender, baby blue

Natural bedding products: Archie Bed Frame; French Linen Quilt in White; French Linen Sheets in Bed of Roses or Blush; Luxury Organic Cotton Trieste Throw in Dove

Thank Taylor Swift for the rise in the cottagecore aesthetic, which blends country chic with rustic romance for a charming new vibe. This trend calls for cosy spaces, decorated with vintage touches and pops of pastel, and furnished with everything you need to lead a happy and simple life. Think stacked shelves with your favourite books, fresh flowers from the market, soft bedding to curl up in, and draped fairy lights for a warm glow.

From a bedding perspective, think elegant bed frames like our Archie model, with tapered legs and a striking headboard, perfect to style with layered throws and comfy cushions.


Bedroom vibe: Beachy chic

You love: relaxed textures, natural tones, light wooden furnishings, jute rugs, coastal artwork

You avoid: artificial colour palettes, sharp lines, mood lighting, carpet, metallic furniture

Ideal colours: sand, ocean green, turquoise, warm yellow, navy blue, off-white

Natural bedding products: Cassia Bed Frame; Huey Double side table in Clear; French Linen Quilt in Natural; French Linen Sheets in Glacier or Ocean

A chic, beachy vibe can be as subtle or strong as you like, but ultimately this interior trend brings a casual, calming atmosphere to your bedroom. The wood furnishings tend to be lighter in tone, much like our Cassia Bed Frame and Huey Double side table. Then choose one of our lighter plant-based stain options to accentuate the natural beauty of the timber.

Meanwhile, accessories range from sandy coloured throws and ocean-inspired artwork, to rattan and jute furnishings and turquoise cushions. And if the relaxed coastal look doesn’t quite cut it, there’s always the option to add a hint of nautical to your bedroom, with bold navy blue grid checked bedding like our French Navy Comforter and sailor-themed decor. 


Bedroom vibe: Biophilic

You love: big windows & natural light, earthy tones, thriving houseplants, sheer curtains, sustainable fibres

You avoid: bold & flashy colours, synthetic fabric, plastic sculptures & pop art, busy benchtops

Ideal colours: Khaki, terracotta, taupe, forest green, sage, milky white, beige

Natural bedding products: Oscar Bed Frame; Huey Double Side Table; French Linen Quilt in Sage; French Linen Sheets in Natural

A major trend in interior design this year is the biophilic nod to our natural environment. This vibe is all about embracing the natural world, with large windows that let in natural light and views of the outside and earthy, authentic colour schemes. Furnishings are wooden and understated, like our Oscar bed frame that features classic design and a solid panel headboard, handcrafted purely from sustainable Tasmanian Oak that represents the best of our natural materials. 

Factor in lots of shelf space for your myriad of houseplants, lightweight curtains to keep your space bright and breezy, and soft, comfy textures that reflect elements of nature. While soothing in style, this trend focuses on the positive effects the natural world brings to our physical and mental wellbeing, a vibe we can all use in our bedrooms.

The biophilic design also incorporates sustainable materials like linen, hemp, and organic cotton into bedding, cushions and curtains, as well as responsibly sourced timber like our untreated Tasmanian oak or native pinewood. And don’t forget about your mattress when sprucing up your bedroom - if biophilia is your style, take those values to your natural bedding products as well.


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When revamping your bedroom, there’s plenty of aesthetics you can weave into your space. So whether you’re drawn to the laidback beachy vibe, the romantic warmth of cottage chic, the slick style of the minimalist trend - or something in between - there’s a trend to suit every personality. 

And once you land on your new bedroom look, our handmade furnishings & lush linens will help bring your desired vibe to life. All that’s left to do is start scrolling…