Follow these Instagram accounts for home & life inspo

Follow these Instagram accounts for home & life inspo
Instagram often gets labelled a time-waster, but at TNBC, we love it as a place to
curate fresh inspiration for our home! From artists to home cooks, designers to
lifestyle influencers, the app is a breeding ground for unique and interesting ideas.
Finding the ideal collection of accounts to follow takes time, but when you do,
your feed will become an invigorating scrapbook of ways to decorate, shop,
repurpose, and innovate. Your home will reap the rewards of your newfound
inspiration - all that’s left to do is start scrolling!
So on that note, we’ve rounded up a few accounts that meet the brief for
authentic and creative inspiration. Enjoy...

Every Night of the Week | @everynightoftheweek 

Lucy Tweed is a Sydney food & event stylist by day, and by night, she runs
her popular IG account that, as the name suggests, is all about cooking meals
every night of the week. A mother to 5, Lucy doesn’t spend hours creating
kitchen masterpieces. Instead, she focuses on bright, light, fun food that
inspires people to cook at home.
Her food is tasty, accessible, and seasonal, as she strikes a
balance between healthy family meals and indulgent recipes. Her sense of
humour is also a breath of fresh air, making cooking enjoyable for everyone.
Before you know it, you’ll be trying your hand at some of her recipes, looking out
for her hot tips, and filling your own kitchen with a fresh dose of inspiration!

The Local Project | @thelocalproject

The Local Project is an architecture and design publication that explores the
stylings of some of the most interesting homes you’ve ever seen. From
mid-century to sleek and modern, from woodland cabin to minimalist
apartment - this account covers it all. 
One of our favourite things about this account is their Instagram story series,
which invites followers to view different interior styles side-by-side, and vote for
your favourite. Sometimes, you’re designing your dream kitchen, other times it’s
the ideal outdoor space. Then you can go and read all about the specific designs
you voted for to really get the creative juices flowing. 
If you’re interested in developing your sense of interior style or just looking for
new ideas to love, The Local Project is it.

Emma Hollingsworth | @mulganai

The Kaanju, Kuku Ya’u, and Girrimay woman behind this account, Emma
Hollingsworth, creates incredibly vibrant artworks that are deeply connected to
her heritage. Emma’s account is dominated by her beautifully intricate paintings;
some feature bold colours and abstract shapes, while others are detailed and
electric in both colours and shapes.
Emma’s works are a blend of her personal style and her profound connection to
her culture. Her account also shares behind-the-scenes videos of painting,
something that is both completely calming and mesmerising to watch. You might
be inspired to add one of her artworks to your home, or you might just feel
inspired by the authentic life she leads. Either way, we think you’ll love this

Alexx Stuart | @lowtoxlife

It wouldn’t be a home and lifestyle round-up if we didn’t talk about Alexx Stuart
from Low Tox Life. This movement is integral to the very philosophy of The Natural
Bedding Company, along with countless other low tox businesses, and Alexx’s
account covers it all. From food waste to plastic, personal health to home
purchases, Low Tox Life offers helpful tips, expert interviews, brand
recommendations, and more. 
If you’ve ever been curious about what it means to lead a low tox life, this is the
place to start. The best part? As Alexx says, she’s all about a ‘low tox’ life,
not a ‘no tox’ life, because it allows us to do our best for ourselves and the planet,
explore safer alternatives, and not get hung up on doing it all perfectly.
Alexx is realistic, encouraging, and clever - and she’s the inspirational account
we all need.

The Natural Bedding Company | @thenaturalbeddingcompanyau

As an organic mattress & low tox bedding company, we’ve included ourselves in
this list of accounts offering fresh and relevant home inspiration. Our company
Instagram account is a reflection of the interior stylings and creative expressions
we admire from all over. From new designs that we’re inspired by to jaw-dropping
artworks and energising colour palettes, we explore what others are doing around
the world, and curate an inspirational gallery to share with our followers. 
Of course, if our natural latex mattresses, organic bedding in earthy hues, or non
toxic pillows enter the mix occasionally, that’s all a part of helping you find your
dream home style, as well as a dreamy night’s sleep.

 Dr Anita Vandyke | @​​rocket_science

The expert in living a life less wasteful, Dr Anita Vandyke is a revolutionary lifestyle
Instagram influencer. She inspires her audience to consume less, buy more
responsibly, be more resourceful with what you already have, and even reevaluate
the ways we’ve all been taught to live.
If you’re looking for someone to challenge you and inspire your habits and
thinking, Anita is the account to follow. Her practices help save you money,
while her philosophies help save the planet - and she shares all her wisdom with a
gorgeous big smile (and unwavering logic). This might be just the account to help
guide you on your ethical consumption journey.