5 ways to inject spring into your home

5 ways to inject spring into your home
Spring is right around the corner and frankly, we couldn’t be more excited.
With all this time spent at home, a breath of fresh air, the blossoming of flowers,
and the promise of warmer months is exactly what we need. Spring is also a
time of new beginnings and longer days, all of which will start ticking the brain
into a more positive mindset. 
So while we might still be on stay-at-home orders across most of the Australian
East Coast, that glorious feeling of spring isn’t reserved for the outdoors.
We’ve come up with some fun ways to inject a healthy dose of spring into your
home. Trust us, your body, mind, and energy levels will welcome the change.

1. Bring some spring indoors

Let’s kick it off with the most obvious symbol of spring - flowers!
Now is the time to check out which local florists have special spring bunches on
sale - and then spoil yourself by buying some. It might be a weekly pick-me-up,
you might buy them for your housemate or lover at home, or you might even find
some blooming florals in your own garden. Wherever you find them, it’s time to
get some flowers into your home.
It’s also a great time to invest in a couple of house plants, since they’ll bring
warmth, fresh air, and a gorgeous dash of greenery to your interiors. Sydney
businesses like PlantGirl have upped their lockdown game to offer online sales
and contactless delivery of all those mood-boosting house plants.

2. Fresh sheets

Does anything signify spring more than putting brand new sheets on your bed?
Say goodbye to the thick flannelette sheets and heavy doonas and start poking
around for a lush set of spring sheets. You can find lovely linens at every price
point, with most sleep experts agreeing that sheets made of natural fibers - like
organic cotton, bamboo, and linen - are best for keeping you comfortable once
the weather heats up. 
You can find natural bedding, along with low tox mattresses and latex pillows,
on our online store. If all this time at home has got you searching for a new
mattress, then take advantage of our 10% off latex mattresses to boost your
sleep and mood. 

3. Open up your home

After winter, our homes tend to have a sleepy, stuffy vibe about them. So every
sunny day that arrives, we recommend swinging the windows open and airing
out your home. Let the fresh breeze roll through, and grab your doonas, pillows,
and mattresses if you’ve got space, and let them breathe outdoors as well. 
For wool pillows, we recommend airing in direct sunlight to refresh and
rejuvenate the wool, while latex pillows need a shady spot to avoid direct
sunlight, which can ruin the elasticity.  

4. Essential oils & scents

Once you’ve got the fresh air circulating your house, it’s time to add some
natural, fresh scents to the mix to really make it feel like spring. If you’re getting
your ‘spring clean’ on, we suggest using oils like Tea Tree or Eucalyptus,
Bergamot, Rosemary & Spearmint to freshen up your home. 
Meanwhile, to get those warm weather vibes, try adding a citrus scent like
Tangerine, Lemon or Wild Orange to your diffuser blend. You could also
incorporate Thyme, which is known for purifying the air. Other oils that purify the
air in your home include Wild Orange, Arborvitae, and Juniper Berry.

 5. Shake up your interiors

Spring is the season of growth, new beginnings, and hope - things we could all
use a lot of right now. So whether you spring clean, switch to summer 
wardrobes, or shake up the look and feel of your home, now is the
perfect time to bring some ‘new’ to your interiors. 
Maybe you have a heavy, woollen throw over the lounge that you could swap
out for a light bright, colourful throw instead. It might be time to rearrange the
lounge or bed-room so there’s a new feel to your space. If lockdown has got you
really restless, you might even be tempted to repaint a wall or two for that added
spring lift.
It doesn’t have to be a big change or full-home reno either - hanging a fun print
on your wall or setting up an outdoor space to enjoy the sunlight will do the trick
as well. You can also check out this old blog of ours for some low tox tips to
freshening up the home. 
As we get closer to the warmer months and the end of the year, it’s the ideal
time to shake off some of the old, wintery energy and give yourself
some vibrant, positive energy instead.
And whether you make big changes or small (as small as lighting a candle), any
ritual that helps shift your mindset to the new season will inevitably help your
mood and mental health too.