4 Simple Steps to Creating a Low-Tox Home

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Low-Tox Home
 ‘Low tox’ is a trendy new phrase that’s being thrown around a lot lately, but
when it comes to making tangible changes or finding the right resources, low
tox living often lands in the ‘too hard’ basket. Luckily for you, we’re here to
be your low tox guides, helping you with a few simple steps to building a
safer, more natural home for you and your family.

1. Aim for organic

By cutting pesticides out of your diet, you’re not only keeping your insides
happy, but you’re being eco friendly, because what goes in, must come out -
and ends up very quickly in our waterways and environment. Organic food
isn’t just a luxury for food snobs - cutting out chemicals from pesticides
makes a huge difference to taste, nutrient density, and your health. 
Jump over here for tips to making the organic lifestyle more affordable and sustainable.

2. Ditch the Teflon/non-stick

Wait, did we just ask you to ditch your most-used kitchen item? Yes, we did.
When a Teflon pan is heated on high for just 5 minutes, it releases around
six toxic gases, including two carcinogens (cancer-causing), two global
pollutants, and even a chemical that’s lethal to humans at low doses. Heat
it another 100 degrees, and this chemical release only gets worse.
If you need more convincing, birds die instantly when exposed to the vapours
that come from Teflon - vets actually call it ‘Teflon Toxicosis’. Yikes! Use it as
an excuse to buy a beautiful new cast-iron or stainless steel pan and switch
to coconut oil for the non-stick experience.

3. Detoxify the bedroom

Toxins aren’t just found in the kitchen so if you’re looking to lead a more low
tox life, the bedroom is a great place to start. Decluttering, for example, can
help lower your stress levels and make for a more restful environment.
Cutting back on the amount of devices in the bedroom is another key step
to creating a low tox space. That means unplugging things from the wall
and popping your phone on airplane mode while you sleep - or keeping it
in a different room altogether (if you can handle the separation.)
Another fantastic way to go low tox in the bedroom is with your bedding.
Research shows the average pillow, when made from synthetic materials,
can house dust mites, mold, other fungi, and cockroach particles, while
releasing microplastic dust into our breathing space. No thanks!
Your best solution is to opt for an all natural latex pillow, which moulds to
your head and is great for your spine health. By using an organic latex pillow,
you’re cutting back on possible allergens in your sleep environment, which
means better breathing and better sleep. Go one step further and opt for an
organic mattress on your next purchase. Look into a non toxic latex mattress -
or organic cot mattress for your little ones - and you’ll notice the difference
Not ready for the investment just yet? An organic latex mattress overlay will
be your sleep saviour until you’re ready for a new mattress.

4. Get rid of your air fresheners

We’re sorry to say but all those conventional fragranced products - think
perfumes, fragrance sticks, incense and sprays - are full of chemicals that,
once you learn about, you’ll want to run the other way.
Air fresheners are infused with a chemical called phthalates, and these
nasties are great at disrupting your hormones and health. Regular exposure
to phthalates can wreak all sorts of havoc on the body, from allergic asthma
in kids to lower male sperm counts and even incidences of breast cancer.
The good news is they don’t stay in the body for long and are the easiest
low tox switch you can make for fast results. Instead, diffuse your favourite
essential oils, buy an all-natural candle, or even make your own.
Making small but meaningful changes to your home is the best way to
approach low tox living. Over time, you’ll learn more and witness your
family’s wellbeing improve - and this will serve as an incentive to keep lifting
your low tox game at home. Welcome to the wonderful world of low tox living!