Customer Testimonials

Richard - 20/06/22

Products: Oscar Bed frame + Deluxe mattress w/ accessories 

I was delighted with the advice that Naomi gave me during the order process. She provided comprehensive answers to my initial questions and then kept me up to date with my order status at every step along the way. The answers she provided at the outset helped put me at ease, which was particularly important as I couldn’t visit a showroom in person and was a bit nervous about buying a frame and mattress sight unseen. I’m particularly grateful for her assistance throughout the whole process. Thank you. On a separate note, I also want to pass on my thanks to the delivery driver - Mark, if I remember correctly - who was helpful, friendly and extremely easy to deal with. And now that I’ve assembled the frame and slept on the bed for a few nights now I can safely say that I’m extremely happy with both the frame and the mattress and I look forward to using them for many years to come. My thanks to all involved in the manufacturing process.


Annette - 16/06/22

Product: Aurora Mattress

Customer service has been really great. Responses were fast and polite from Naomi and the mattress arrived within a week of ordering it. My daughter had her first sleep on her new bed last night and she stayed there all night, which is very unusual for her. We’re very happy! 


Erin - 09/06/22

Product: Cot Mattress 

Yes Naomi has gone Above and beyond , i am over the moon with the service from Naomi and TNBC , i cant thank you enough 🙏


Casey - May 2022

Product: Dreamer Mattress


We had a wonderful experience going into this showroom. The girls where so lovely and even got out a box of toys to entertain my baby.
Naomi really knew her stuff and didn’t try to “upsell” us on anything.

The mattresses and all the bedding are just beautiful low tox products. Very happy


Sally - 2021

Product: Mattress refurbishment 

Dear all, Beyond grateful for the support from you people - I have been sleeping on your mattresses for 21 years ! and this new mattress you gave me today immediately began to align my spine as I tried my first lie-down...lower back immediately started to release!

I thought about sending you a video of me experiencing the above, and then thought...oh no lol.

Anyway, thank you from deep in my bones

Mike - 2021

Product: Queen Dreamer (with no wool)

I couldn't be happier with my new queen dreamer mattress. Top notch delivery service. Sleeping like a baby zzZzZzz

Ashley - 2021 

Product: Organic Wool Pillow

Best organic pillow you can buy!!! I recently bought two organic pillows (99 each) from another local Australian company and I was highly dissatisfied, so I purchased one pillow from The Natural Bedding Company and I LOVE IT! I spent HOURS looking for an Australian company with organic materials and this is literally the BEST company. Their staff was extremely friendly too! I left a pillow in my shopping cart and they called me to ask if I still wanted to purchase it! I'm sleeping VERY well and I cannot recommend enough. No doubt, you will be happy with your purchase from The Natural Bedding Company! Thank you!

Blake - 2021

Product: Queen Wool & Latex Overlay 

Have been sleeping like a princess under a deep spell ever since my wool and latex overlay arrived a couples of weeks back... Highly recommend.

Holly - 2021

Product: Standard Latex Pillow

This place is the real deal. I bought from another place supposedly organic latex pillows, huge persistent smell of chemicals, later found out manufactured in a factory in China. Natural bedding Co totally different experience, could lay my head from the first night. 100% trustworthy thank you 

Kate - 2021

Product: Latex Overlay

We bought a mattress topper online on Wednesday and it was delivered on Friday morning! Awesome fast service and love our latex mattress topper! Makes our very hard bed so comfortable 🥰 and an amazing night’s sleep

Jan - 2020

Our new mattress arrived last week via your friendly courier. We were very pleased to use our new mattress straight away, and have had very comfortable sleeps on it since delivery. Thank you from long term customers of yours. We bought our first futon more than 30 years ago (which is finally being replaced by this new one) and then a ‘wool supreme’ mattress in 2000, which is still in excellent condition. We’re sure this new one will last for a long time too.

Brett - 2020 

Product: King Dreamer & King Oscar

Beautiful. Everything the brand promises. We LOVE it.

Kellie - 2020

Product: Single Cloud 7 & Standard Latex Pillows

The products we purchased are fantastic and our daughter had a wonderful first night's sleep.

Brony - 2020

Product: Custom Single mattress

Dear Andrew and team, I am sorry I haven’t written sooner to thank you for the beautiful new mattress that was delivered on Friday. I am very pleased with it.

Thank you again for your wonderful work, Brony

Linda - 2020

Product: Custom mattress + Custom slats for daybed

Joy!  The mattress!  so LOVELY to sit upon!  like a resilient cloud. you know, soft-as, but not giving way under pressure. and what a difference the slats make to the daybed. Although graceful, she has never been a comfortable couch to sit on; now it’s like reclining in the lap of luxury!

Pete Evans - 2020

Product: King Dreamer

"I love looking after my family’s health, and am super excited that Australia has this wonderful family company when it comes to providing healthy bedding for all of us. Thank you the natural bedding company for all that you do and provide for us." 

Rosie - 2020

Product: King Single Cloud 7 

Love the King Single size mattress we got for our 7 year old - its so comfy and makes for a very restful sleep. I love that there are no plastics in it. We now want to get one for ourselves too. 

Cathryn  - 2019

Product: Natural Wool Pillow

Came to your storeroom today and had the best service from a wonderful lady. Ended up with your beautiful wool pillow and will be back for more including pillows for my teenage boys and mattress and bed as we are moving house in November. Love love love your store and your pursuit of being as organic and Australian made where possible. 

Shona - 2019 

Product: Queen Aurora & Lo-Line

I have been sleeping on mine for 10 years now! Still happy. 

Briar - 2019 

Product:  Queen Aurora & Lo-Line

Just wanted to let you know I am SO happy with the mattress and bed base I bought from you.

I’ve been sleeping so well on the new mattress, no more headaches and my skin seems better too! It’s super comfortable and the base is perfect for having a baby in bed with me. So good to know my baby is sleeping on a healthy mattress now as well.

Thank you so much for creating such awesome products, I feel so lucky to be able to have them :)

Alan - 2019

Thanks for your time in store today. I appreciate your patience and assistance with my myriad of questions! :).....

Julie - 2019 

Product: Queen Dreamer + Contour Latex Pillow + Organic Cotton Mattress & Pillow Protector 

Just letting you know that I received my mattress today and am very happy with it :) Thank you for creating wonderful, natural and organic products. 

Nina - 2019

Product: King Supreme

They made me a beautiful futon style mattress with layers of sheep wool, latex and coconut fibre. It’s durable and super supportive and mega comfortable. Both of us are individually supported and sleep well.

We bought this mattress about 2009 and after 10 years it’s just as good now as it was when we bought it.

The guys were so very helpful when we picked it up and I would gladly go back and shop there again should the need arise. Highly recommended. 

Jessica - 14/5/2019 

Product: Double Deluxe

I wanted to let you know that we LOVE our mattress! It’s just so great! Sleep has never been so good! 

Mariana - 2019 

Product: King Wool & Latex Overlay + Contour Latex Pillows

Amazing products and perfect service. Thank you. 

Matthew - 2019 

Product: Double Aurora

The best mattress I have ever owned. Once you go latex you will never go back to anything else. I bought the dreamer, quite expensive but genuinely the most comfortable and supportive mattress I have ever owned. Cannot recommend buying your mattress from The Natural Bedding Company enough. 

Rachel - 2019

Product: Queen Deluxe Mattress

 Our kids have slept soundly on Natural Bedding Company mattresses for years. We’re so glad we finally got one for ourselves. A wonderful first night’s sleep, and don’t want to get out of bed! Love that the healthiest choice is also the most comfortable. 

Robbie - 2018

Product: Queen Wool & Latex Overlay

The topper has made all the difference.  I now wake much less during the night and the mattress feels very luxurious (without any VOCs).  Thank you very much. 

Sara - 2018

Product: King Dreamer Mattress

Love, love my new mattress. We've had it for about 7 months now and it is fantastic! So comfortable, I never want to get out of bed in the mornings. Best of all, no chemical smells! 

Kate - 2017

Product: Cot & Bassinet Mattress

 bought my bassinet and cot mattress 2 yrs ago. They are still like brand new. I'm so happy with the product. There's no dips, body grooves, nothing. Solid and comfy STILL!! I put a lot of faith into the product and it's exceeded my expectations, value for $$ outstanding 😊


Karen - 2017

Product: Double Supreme Mattress

The company were pleasant to deal with and I am super happy with my new mattress. I got the Supreme (sounds like a pizza!) and it's exactly the right firmness for me. (Can't stand that sinking/saggy feeling of soft mattresses, though I gather they have plenty of softer mattresses to choose from too if that's your thing).

It feels like it was made with love and care and because it's toxin-free I feel like I can snuggle right into it in a way I just couldn't with the smelly mass-produced chemical cocktail mattress I tried before. It's maybe twice the price of a conventional mattress but well worth it - good value. Very happy. 

John - 2015

Product: Custom Wool Pillow

I have purchased numerous products from Andrew (the owner) and his team at the Natural Bedding Company over the years.  Recently, I went into their Stanmore shop to get another pillow (I picked wool stuffed) and asked about some heavy duty cotton pillow covers I had purchased years earlier.  They did not stock them, but offered to make one, and said they'd call when to provide a cost.  I was pleasantly surprised to have a message on my phone from Andrew, informing me that it was ready for pickup and on the house due to customer loyalty.  I would like to give my thanks to Andrew, his staff, and write this note to let the other residents of Sydney know the Natural Bedding Company is the place to shop for great service and natural bedding good health products... 

Peter - 2013

Product: Queen Cloud 9

As a chiropractor from a family with a long line of "bad backs", I know the importance of a good mattress. We spend around a third of our lives in bed so it is important to make sure that the mattress is not doing us harm. In practice, I have found that a very significant proportion of back & neck problems are either caused by or exacerbated by poor quality mattresses and/or pillows.  In my experience, the BEST mattresses are latex and the Natural Bedding Co. (NBC) deliver these at an affordable price. The McCaigs (Andrew & son, Sam) have a brilliant service here. Their chief interest is to get the customer what they want and need. They make all their own mattresses from top quality Malaysian latex and add NOTHING (no scent, no anti-mold, nothing) so you can be confident there will be no odorless surprises leaching out for you to inhale.I have referred dozens of people and ALL have been really happy. NBC also has really beautiful solid bedroom furniture that are absolute keepers (as opposed to a not-to-be-named Swedish supplier of very clever & functional yet cardboard furniture).