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Natural Latex Mattresses in Canberra

Get the natural sleep you deserve with a sustainable, organic mattress in Canberra that supports your hips, shoulders and back.

Your night’s sleep greatly influences your health and body’s state for the day ahead. For deeply rejuvenating and healthy sleep, choose a natural latex mattress in Canberra.

At The Natural Bedding Company, we handcraft our latex mattresses from the highest quality organic latex, sourced from sustainable rubber tree farms in Sri Lanka. Natural latex is harvested from pulling back some of the bark of a rubber tree and collecting the sap, thereby leaving the tree intact

Here at The Natural Bedding Company, we seek to be transparent as a business and ethical in all we do. As a result, we only work with farms and plantations that look after and care about their workers. You can rest easy on a comfortable mattress in Canberra knowing it has been produced fairly and sustainably from start to finish.

Why Latex?

Sleeping on a latex mattress in Canberra may sound new and unusual, especially if you have grown up using a traditional spring mattress or foam mattress in Canberra. However, organic latex is the best choice for comfortable and natural sleep that provides you a healthier breathing space at night.

  • Healthier breathing - Manufactured synthetic mattresses are often made with volatile chemicals, which can off gas at night, releasing toxic VOC’s into your bedroom. On the other hand, The Natural Bedding Company makes mattresses from organic, natural materials that are much more stable.
  • Hygienic and Hypo-Allergenic – Another great thing about natural latex is that it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust mite resistant so you can thoroughly enjoy a healthy and clean sleeping environment.
  • Comfortable – Full, plush and cool, natural latex provides excellent cushioning for your body at night. Its open cell structure and natural porosity also means it ventilates and 

    breathes throughout the night, keeping you cool and dry.

  • Supportive – Perhaps the feature latex mattresses are most renowned for is their excellent support. Our mattresses mould to the contours of your body to provide you personalised cushioning while helping to align your spine and giving you the natural sleep you deserve. They provide reliable support throughout the night.

  • Long life – An organic latex mattress in Canberra springs back after use and keeps itself well ventilated, allowing these mattresses to have an incredibly long life. We guarantee your mattresses to last for 10 years, but you can expect it to retain its shape and comfort for up to 15-20+ years.

Customise your support

For a softer mattress, we recommend opting for a latex mattress that is topped with organic wool. Soft and plush, Australian wool provides a great feel that many enjoy sleeping on. It also works as a superior temperature regulator that keeps the bed cooler during the hotter months.

For a firmer mattress, you may enjoy an organic mattress with a coir centre. Coir comes from the fibres in the shell of the coconut. Used in the middle of the mattress, it provides a firm supportive base for your spine and other pressure points in your body.

If you have any questions or concerns in choosing the right mattress for you and your family, feel free to get in contact with us.