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Otis Timber Bed Frame
SingleKing SingleDoubleQueenKing

Otis Timber Bed Frame

From $3,534.00 AUD
Drawing inspiration from minimalist and functional design, the sleek look of the Otis makes it the perfect addition to a modern home. Stylish yet subtle, the recessed legs create a...
Sovereign Rest Latex Mattress
SingleKing SingleDoubleQueenKingSuper King split mattress

Sovereign Rest Latex Mattress

From $2,889.00 AUD
Providing strong support with two layers of high density Organic Latex, the Sovereign Rest is our firmest latex mattress without a coir core. Hand-stitched into a beautiful organic cotton and...
Contour Latex Pillow

Contour Latex Pillow

$168.00 AUD
Therapeutically designed, our contour organic all-natural latex pillow (flat on one side, contoured on the other) helps your head and neck to be evenly aligned during sleep, and encourages the...


Australian Made Wood Beds

At The Natural Bedding Company, we handcraft our wooden beds right here in our own Sydney workshop. The warm tones and robust nature of our Australian made timber beds can offer a perfect accent in a variety of interior styles and decor.

The Otis bed frame is one example of our more modern Australian made beds. The minimalist appearance of the Otis wooden bed lends itself perfectly to a contemporary look and for areas where space is a challenge. No matter how you work it into your room’s interior design, the Otis has the appeal of quality.

Five Fresh Bed Frame Fashions

In addition to the Otis we also have four other bed frame styles: the Archie, Cassia, Lo-Line and Oscar.

Our Australian made wood beds are famed for their simplicity and premium quality materials, as well as the beauty that lies in the details. These beautiful wooden bed frames are lovingly and ethically handcrafted in our own workshop in Sydney, Australia from sustainably sourced Australian solid oak.

For a low and minimalist style, consider the Lo-line timber queen bed frame. We provide all of our Australian made bed styles in single, king single, double, king, and timber queen bed frame.

Why is it important to buy local Australian made beds?

Buying Australian made products helps to support Australian jobs, businesses, and infrastructure. Making our market even more sustainable and independent. It also means you can feel assured knowing that these products have been held to the highest manufacturing standards.

An Australian made bed ensures you get a high-quality wooden bed that you can trust and rely on.

At The Natural Bedding Company, we are a local Australian family business of 35+ years. Our customer service is easy, stress free, and accessible. You can rest assured that our warranties and guarantee apply to you, and that all the information we give you is applicable.

Built to Last

A natural beauty that’s built to last in your bedroom, all our wooden bed styles captivate in a soothingly understated way that’s perfect for facilitating sleep. Many interior designers and architects are seeking out The Natural Bedding Company for our handcrafted Australian solid oak beds. They provide a sturdy frame to hold your weight and your mattress, and ventilate your sleeping environment for healthy sleeping each night, and easy mattress maintenance.

Our Australian made wood beds sustain and extend the life of your mattress. They will also last you a lifetime.

The Natural Bedding Company

Our company is all about healthy sleep. We use organic, all-natural materials in our products to provide you with the highest quality bed and bedding products that are healthy, durable, and beautiful. If you are looking for a timber queen bed frame for your bedroom, we are happy to answer any queries you have.

For a rich bedroom experience, crafted ethically to organic and sustainable materials, Call us on 1300 991 255 or

You can also visit our showroom at 122 Percival Road, STANMORE NSW 2048 to have a closer look at our timber bed frames.