Handcrafted Bedroom Furniture in Brisbane

Handcrafted from pure Australian hardwood, our range of bedroom furniture is made with love and care by a small team of passionate woodworkers. Each piece is coated with an eco-friendly sealer that gives a beautiful finish and a layer of protection for the timber. We care deeply about sustainability and only use low-tox materials, a commitment we believe is reflected in the quality of our products. Customers in Brisbane can browse our bed frames online or view them in person at our new Gold Coast store opening in the Spring of 2021.

Sustainable Timbers

Tasmanian Hardwood Oak - This beautiful native timber is used in all our bed frames and bedside tables. Sustainably sourced in accordance with government guidelines as well as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Kiln dried and untreated, the timber is free of any harsh toxins and taken from certified forests in Victoria.

Untreated Radiata Pine - Found in our Lo-line bed bases, this pine is select grade and untreated, sourced from New Zealand or Australia. Unlike structural pine, this timber is not treated with formaldehyde or other chemicals. Instead, it is simply kiln-dried to kill any pests or microbes and strengthen it.

Elegant Design

Inspired by modern Scandinavian design, our stunning range of bedroom furniture blends minimalist form with premium native hardwood. Perfect for a more natural look, the clean lines and serene beauty of these pieces work to declutter your room. Drawing the eye with its premium materials and expert craftsmanship, our furniture responds to natural light to create a warm and welcoming home.

Bedside tables

Sleek and understated, our Huey bedsides can elevate any space. Minimalist design defines these timeless pieces that seamlessly fit into a range of bedroom styles without diminishing their own character. Finished with your choice of low-tox, plant-based stain and handcrafted from pure Tasmanian Oak.

With ample space on top for your latest book or a table lamp, each Huey can be made with a push-release drawer for discreet storage. For a more open design, you may forego the drawer to create a convenient and accessible shelf.

Each Piece, Handcrafted

Made to order, our custom bed bases and bedside tables are handcrafted by a dedicated team. For some bed frames, the height can be customised slightly and the headboard can be made to better suit the thickness of your mattress. For the final touches, the furniture is finished with your choice of low-tox, plant-based stain to reveal the natural beauty of the timber.

Creating a peaceful, low-tox bedroom

From the kiln-dried, untreated timber and natural sealer to the calming, minimalist style, every part of the production process has been designed to create for you a peaceful space where you can truly rest. To complete your natural bedroom, pair your bed frame with an organic latex mattress.

Want to learn more about our natural materials or need assistance making a purchase from Brisbane? Check out our detailed FAQs page or feel free to get in touch with our helpful retail team on 02 9589 4834. For email enquiries, contact sydney@naturalbedding.com.au.