Time to turn your mattress? Here's our handy guide from the pros.

Time to turn your mattress? Here's our handy guide from the pros.
If you have bought one of our beautiful organic latex mattresses, you may have heard us emphasise
the importance of looking after it. Love and care for your mattress and it will love you back. The best
way to keep your mattress in good condition and preserve its lifespan is to rotate and flip it. Check the
underside of the mattress for moisture frequently by running your hand underneath. Flipping the
mattress will allow the mattress to air out.
Here’s what you need to know about turning your mattress.

When and why should I rotate my mattress?

Most of our mattresses consist of a layer of untreated Australian Downs wool between the latex and
cover. Sleeping in the same spot night after night can cause the wool to pack down and leave a body
imprint. This can occur as the mattress conforms to the body and provides cushioning. An imprint
of up to 30mm is normal, however, this can be minimised by rotating your mattress 180 degrees
so that the side that was at the head is now at the foot of the bed. As a general rule of thumb, it is
best to rotate your mattress every three to six months.

Why should I flip my mattress? 

Our mattresses collect moisture from the atmosphere and the bodies that sleep on them. The moisture
then sinks to the bottom, causing the underside of the mattress to become damp. Our organic latex is
naturally antifungal and antibacterial. However, there is a possibility for mould to grow in the wool and
cover as we do not use any synthetic materials or chemical treatments. To prevent mould growth,
it is imperative to regularly check the underside of the mattress for moisture by running your hand along
the bottom. If you feel dampness, it is time to flip your mattress over to allow the moisture to dry. 
Check the underside of your mattress frequently. The more frequently, the better, especially if the conditions
are damp. After a while, you will develop a rhythm and get a sense for how often your mattress needs to
be flipped. Having a slatted bed base will provide sufficient airflow to the underside of the mattress.

How do I flip my mattress?

It is generally a good idea for two people to flip your mattress. Make an event of the occasion and
invite a friend, neighbour or family member over for tea and a mattress flip. Or just nag that pesky partner
to help you out! Be sure to keep a sturdy, upright posture to avoid injury.
Before you begin, strip the bed of all linen and clear the area of trip hazards and breakable objects. 
Stand at either side of the bed and feed a long strip of fabric underneath each end of the mattress. Fold the
mattress in half lengthways, pull the fabric strips together and tie them at the ends. Roll the mattress onto
its flipside and undo the fabric, allowing the mattress to fall into place on the bed.

Here is a handy demonstration:


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