Why it’s worth carbon offsetting your purchases

Why it’s worth carbon offsetting your purchases
For years now, the terms ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘carbon offsetting’ have been bounced
around by brands as a way to talk about their impact on the environment. These terms
have since evolved to refer to a growing movement that aims to give back to and preserve
the natural environment.
So what does it all mean? And how do you do it? Which brands allow you to
offset your carbon footprint? Fret not, we’ve got the answers right here...


What is carbon offsetting?

According to The Guardian, “Carbon offset schemes allow individuals and
companies to invest in environmental projects around the world in order to
balance out their own carbon footprints.” Each of us emits a certain carbon
footprint - the total greenhouse gas level generated by our actions - and
when brands offer offsetting options, it means customers can shrink the impact
of their purchase.
You’ve probably heard the concept in the flight industry, where airlines give you
the chance to neutralise the carbon emissions created by your flight. And while a
lot of companies - The Natural Bedding Company included - are now using more
sustainable materials in their products, there’s still a debt created with the planet.
Some companies offset carbon emissions by planting trees that soak up CO2
directly from the air; others might invest in clean energy technologies like solar or
wind; some work with offset projects to compensate for the emissions a business



How do you do it?

An amazing place to start is with a self assessment of your carbon footprint - and
we have the perfect tool! One of our partners, Carbon Positive Australia, has a
Carbon Calculator where you can calculate your carbon footprint, looking at your
electricity and water, number of cars in your household, food spend and waste,
travel, and more.
What you’re left with is an average carbon emissions total for your household,
plus a breakdown of the key areas you could work on to reduce your emissions.
So using this information, you could begin your commitment to reducing this
footprint through sustainable practices and by shopping with businesses that
allow you to offset your carbon.
For example, if your electricity bill is higher than the national average, you could
look at various ways to cool or heat your home down without using power, invest
in clean energy like solar, or work with brands that help reduce your footprint.
This is where a brand like The Natural Bedding Company comes in.
As a business, we have introduced carbon offsetting, which means you can
offset any carbon emissions as part of your purchase.
To make things even better, we sell organic mattresses, natural bedding, and wool
and latex pillows that help with temperature regulation and wicking away
sweat - which means less need for AC while you sleep. Solving two problems
for the price of one!



Which initiatives allow you to offset your carbon footprint?   

Two organisations The Natural Bedding Company works with for carbon offsetting
are CarbonClick and Carbon Positive Australia.
CarbonClick is our latest addition, which appears in our checkout. Customers can
add $2 to their cart to offset their carbon emissions, with the funds distributed to
various offsetting projects. With just one customer opting in, we can offset 75.51
kg of carbon - so imagine the good that happens when everyone opts in!
Some of the projects CarbonClick supports include the Rarakau Rainforest
Conservation Project, which protects a native rainforest made up of tawhai
(silver beech), miro and tōtara, as well as providing economic opportunities for
local Maori. Another project is the Solar Water Heaters in Bangalore, India.
This program delivers solar water heaters to Indian communities and businesses,
helping avoid the burning of coal and providing cheap renewable energy for poor
families. You can see more of their offsetting projects supported here.
We also donate 1% of all of our woodwork sales each month to Carbon Positive
Australia. This organisation, which partners with TNBC, Sample Coffee Co,
Garnier, Enjo and more, has made a huge contribution in recent years.
In 2021, thanks to businesses working with Carbon Positive Australia to mitigate
the carbon footprint of consumers, they were able to:
Plant 203,497 trees
Sequester 66,741 tonnes of carbon
Restored 294 hectares of degraded land
Undertake research into carbon farming participation with support from
Lotterywest through their CarbonCare Project



So what’s next?

According to the UN, to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees by 2050 we must limit
our per-person emissions to 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.
Based on Australian averages, it will take an enormous amount of effort from
everyone to cut back carbon emissions and reach this target.
Carbon offsetting where you can is a simple and effective solution that doesn’t
take much effort and is already readily accessible with various businesses.
By choosing brands like The Natural Bedding Company, using carbon calculators
to identify areas for improvement, and using the resources available to offset your
carbon footprint, you’re making an important difference.