Does your mattress need to be replaced? 5 signs it's time for a new mattress!

Does your mattress need to be replaced? 5 signs it's time for a new mattress!
We spend a third of our lives in bed, and yet so many of us neglect
our bedding quality - often to the detriment of our health. Knowing
the telltale signs of a mattress reaching the end of its life is crucial to
understanding how often we should reinvest in our bedding products.
Being in the business of organic mattresses and low tox bedding,
we thought we’d share a few industry secrets to help you keep your
mattress (and health) in top form.

1. You’re sleeping poorly

A bad nights’ sleep every so often is not unusual, but if you’re
constantly waking up feeling more tired than when you hit the hay,
it could be a sign your mattress is at the end of its life. Over time,
your mattress will start to show its age, losing both support and
shape. As a result, the overall comfort level of your bed will drop,
leaving you with consistently poor sleep.
On top of this, if you’re waking up sore or in pain, it’s another sign
something isn’t right with your current mattress setup.

2. Your mattress is sagging

Maybe you’re struggling to get up and out of bed in the morning,
or maybe you’ve noticed your body sinking a little too deep into your
mattress - either way, it could be a sign your mattress is sagging.
After years of use, mattresses tend to soften and lose their elasticity,
and this can start impacting your sleep, spinal alignment, and overall
comfort levels.
With most mattresses only designed to last seven to ten years,
it’s important to keep an eye on how your mattress is holding up once
you pass the seven year mark. That being said, investing in a natural
latex mattress means a longer lifespan and more resilient support for
as long as 15 years.
Flipping your mattress every three to six months is a great way to
extend the life of your mattress, but if you get up and your mattress
doesn’t bounce back to its normal, flat appearance shortly after,
it’s probably time to start perusing for a new mattress.

3. Your allergies are flaring up

After years of supporting your sleep, a mattress can become old, soft,
and susceptible to certain allergens like mildew, mould, and dust.
If you’ve started noticing allergic reactions flaring up when you’re in
bed (runny nose, watery eyes, headaches), it can be a sign that your
mattress needs replacing. 
Some low tox mattresses make for better sleep hygiene and health,
like these natural latex mattresses and organic wool mattresses,
with latex in particular known for being hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial,
anti-fungal and dust-mite resistant. Bonus - you can get natural latex
pillows to match your mattress, avoiding all kinds of allergic irritations
while you sleep.

4. You sleep better in other places

Are you getting more rest lying on the couch or sleeping in a hotel?
It’s never a good sign when you feel more rested and comfortable in
someone else’s bed (or couch) - so if this is the case, it’s time to
reevaluate the state of your mattress. 
If you suspect your mattress is causing you problems, consider taking
another mattress for a test run! Book a hotel with top notch bedding,
stay at a friend’s place, or just head to a local mattress showroom
and give something new a chance...

5. There’s some strong odours…

The same way mould, mildew, and fungi build-up can cause allergic
reactions, it can also create an unpleasant smell in your mattress.
While we typically get used to our own scent, if you’re getting a
strong whiff of something unfamiliar, it could be a sign you and your
mattress need to part ways.
Your bed is a hugely important factor in getting adequate sleep,
supporting your physical body, and maintaining your overall
health - so a new mattress is a solid long-term investment in your
wellbeing. Work out what the main issues are with your current
mattress - and if you tick one or more of these red flags, then it might
be time to start shopping for a new mattress.
And if you’re in the market for a quality, all-natural latex mattress that
doesn’t use toxic chemicals and keeps allergens at bay, you can
browse our range here