Styling sustainably with “house whisperer” to the stars Megan Morton

Styling sustainably with “house whisperer” to the stars Megan Morton

When we think of eclectic, heartwarming homes packed to the brim with charm, we think of Megan Morton. And if you haven’t heard of her yet, trust us when we tell you it doesn’t take long to fall in love with her style. 

Known as the “house whisperer” to celebrities, magazines, and even next-door neighbours, Megan has styled her fair share of joyful interiors. Her work has been featured on the front cover of glossy mags like Vogue, In Style, Elle, and Vanity Fair, and in the abodes, bars, and business settings of many. 

When creating the interiors of her client’s dreams, Megan still finds the sweet spot of sustainability, working to make interior magic that respects the planet. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to catch up with her and snag a few home styling tricks ourselves…


 (Stylist: Megan Morton)


On styling for others…

With so many happy homes under her belt, Megan has seen it all. One thing that’s really on the rise, however, is the desire to style more sustainably, whether that’s sourcing secondhand furniture or choosing ethical, low tox products. 

Megan says it’s all about setting a tone and working with likeminded clients. And naturally, having a suite of luxe, sustainable homes to reference certainly helps when suggesting more eco-friendly decisions… 


(Stylist: Megan Morton) 


TNBC: How do you blend sustainability and styling?

MM: Luckily for me, all my clients really do love the planet, so we don’t have to have those conversations. I have a list of cleaning items and other domestic items that I share with them - not as a service - but almost as a prerequisite of working together. 

I have seen too many beautiful houses where owners make poor choices for the planet once they move in, so I like to be clear from the get go what my motivations are. 

A current client had already purchased organic mattresses from The Natural Bedding Company for another property, which I was so happy to hear. 


(Stylist: Megan Morton) 


TNBC: With all your years of styling homes, what’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

MM: We all want to put ‘ourselves’ into our home, but the truth is, the home has a 'best' way, which is why we call it “house whispering”. [It’s about] watching the house and seeing what it naturally wants to do. 

Sometimes, it’s about teasing this out. Other times - when it’s a bad situation - it’s about concealing or covering [the house] altogether.  


(Stylist: Megan Morton)


On styling for herself…

What exactly does an interior designer’s own home look like? Megan tells us that she keeps sustainability at the heart of her styling, and not just for the feel-good factor! 

Sure, you rest easier knowing your furnishings are made with love for you and the planet, but when they actually improve your sleep and look good too? That’s the trifecta! So, imagine our joy when we received this top tier compliment from a true styling genius… 

TNBC: When you’re styling a bedroom, what are your must-haves for your mattress?

MM: There are many things I like about the mattresses The Natural Bedding Company makes, but one of them is the ‘soft edges’ that are created by the cotton when they’re dressed. While the mattresses themselves are box shaped, the edges are naturally softer due to the natural material. 

I like noticing these small but vital details - and it means the end of the bed looks so beautiful and not ‘corporate’ or like an ad. 


TNBC: What made you choose an all natural, organic latex mattress for your home?

MM: In a nutshell, I love my family, I love the planet, and I love sleeping!



(Dreamer Mattress - Megan's choice from TNBC) 


On styling small spaces…

Everyone wants to know how to do more with less - and that most certainly applies to interiors. In some cases, the bed size can go smaller, but one thing Megan was sure to instil is that the bed is still the heart of the bedroom. 

Big, small, it doesn’t matter if the bed doesn’t look and feel like luxury…


TNBC: What’s your best advice for making the most of a smaller space?

MM: Your bed is the largest bit of real estate in a bedroom. Don’t be afraid to go smaller. A king size bed needs a lot of air and room around it. Don’t go there just because you can. 

A lot of clients of mine are reducing to queen and double beds because it allows more room for rugs and other items to bring their decorative scheme to life. Take time when choosing your bed and bedding; while it’s not forever, it’s a decorative decision that is for a long time. 

I also travel a lot for work - this year we are taking styling groups to Puglia, India and Paris. And what I’ve learned is that the bedroom is such an important element in ‘travel lust’ - it’s not just about ‘decor lust’.  


(Stylist: Megan Morton) 


Natural bedding that’s naturally good for you

We have a lot more to learn before we can style like Megan Morton, but if we’ve gleaned any insights from her, it’s to choose carefully, choose quality (and of course, natural), and choose what most makes your soul sing. If you can tick those boxes when buying your next organic mattress or natural bedding accessory, you’re on the right track…

What are your favourite styling tips? How did you style your bedroom?