Our go-to gift guide for every kind of giftee this Christmas

Our go-to gift guide for every kind of giftee this Christmas

If there’s one thing we associate with Christmas, it’s buying special gifts for the ones we love - then watching their faces as they open them on the big day. But we know that when life is busy and the cost of living keeps rising, shopping for presents isn’t the easiest task.

We’ve wrapped up your Christmas gifting into one easy guide, tailoring your list to everyone, from sustainable shoppers and homebodies to the people who already have everything! Now grab your credit card - it’s time to buy some gifts…


Gifts for the parents of small children 

Whether it’s your best friend, sibling or in-laws, shopping for parents is a different ballgame. They might be brand new parents who haven’t slept in months, busy with a few kids already in the family, or even parenting solo. While some buy gifts for the whole family, we love spoiling the parents with something special to give them something all to themselves. 

Babysitting coupons - Offering dedicated hours of babysitting services to parents is one way of helping them go on a date night without the brood, squeeze in a massage, or just get outdoors and go for a walk. And for the frugal among us, it only costs your time! We even found beautifully designed cards you can print and gift for some professional flair to level up this pressie.

Experiential treats - A standalone present - that also pairs well with the offer of babysitting - we love the idea of giving parents the gift of leisure time. That might be in the form of a spa voucher, a gift card for their favourite restaurant, movie tickets to see a film they’ve been talking about, taking them to a one-off wellness event, or booking them into a workshop to match their hobbies. Hop on sites like Red Balloon for some ready-made inspiration.

Sleep saviours - When you’re a sleep-deprived parent, every minute of shut-eye is precious - which is why the parents in your life deserve an elevated bedding experience. Show them you care with an organic contour latex pillow or some organic French linen sheets in soothing colours for buttery, blissful sleep. 

As a bonus gift, you could pair it with something to soothe their little ones, like a safe, comfortable and non-toxic organic cotton play mat or natural organic baby sheets.


Gifts for the mindful shoppers

This type of person loves anything handmade, locally sourced, and made with sustainable considerations - so last minute shopping can be hard for them. Instead, head to places like the Green Friday website, which rounds up sustainably-minded businesses for you to browse, or Buy From The Bush, where you can support small Aussie producers and creatives selling their wares.

Ilan Style Affirmation Cards - These heartfelt affirmation cards centre on themes such as gratitude, kindness, presence and purpose, featuring artwork by Torres Strait Islander Kayla Arabena-Byrnes and lovingly written by founder and Meriam woman Kerry Arabena. They also come with a card holder made from upcycled Eucalyptus. 

Sow ‘n Sow Flower Press - Bring more nature into your life with these mindful flower presses, handmade in Australia and decorated with local artist illustrations of native Aussie blooms. Easy to use, and with affordable cardboard refill packs available, this gift lets you mindfully press your preferred florals to keep, frame, or pay forward as cards to other lucky friends. 

Luxury Organic Brushed Cotton Blankets - Because shopping ethically shouldn’t mean compromising on quality, these ultra luxe, long-lasting, 100% organic cotton blankets are the perfect gift to show you care. Coming in four soothing colours, these blankets are individually knitted, expertly hand-finished, and even machine washable.


Gifts for the home-bodies

The host with the most, the new homeowners, or the sibling who’s just moved out on their own for the first time, we’ve got some great ideas for those who’ll appreciate a thoughtful, home-inspired gift!

The Concrete Shed Concrete Bowls - From the Hilltops in NSW, these handcrafted ceramic plates are inspired by the flourishing country life of the makers, using responsible sources of raw materials to create small batches of custom pieces. Perfect for storing fruit, serving food, holding trinkets or just to look pretty on display, no two bowls are alike, showing unique tones and textures in a range of different hues. 

Long-lasting bedding - whether you’re shopping for someone who’s just left the nest or is a home-body at heart, luxury, durable bedding will always be in style. Think dreamy treats they’ll keep for years, like 100% Aussie organic wool quilts or the French linen quilted comforter of their dreams; an all-in-one blanket filled with cotton that can be used as a summer blanket or cosy couch companion.

Kip & Co glassware - From the beloved Aussie brand comes their island-inspired, ultra summery range of glassware that everyone would adore in their home. We love the Mykonos Stripe Tumbler Glass set and Golden Stripe Coupe Glass set, that really pack a punch when entertaining.

Gifts for your person who has everything

We all know those people who answer the question of Christmas with, ‘You don’t need to get me anything’ - which only makes buying them something lovely even harder! And while this is a classic line of many parents, we’ve come up with a few ways to spoil any of your loved ones who want for nothing.

WellRead Book Subscription - Send your loved one a recent, rave-reviewed book every month for three, six, or twelve month periods, thanks to WellRead, who handpick new releases and hidden gems from a wide range of authors. They even come with reading notes to inspire conversation - and if you sign yourself up to the same subscription, you could turn it into a book club where you catch up and discuss your favourite reads.

Into The Wild Escape - A brilliant gift that invites your recipient to escape - either solo or with their favourites (like you) - to a rural, restorative retreat. With luxe tiny houses located across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Tassie, South and Western Australia, they’re all within an escapable distance from the city, and come in pet-friendly, family-friendly, and romantic themed offerings. The ideal gift to spark some wonder and awe for someone special.

Organic natural mattress - How often do people replace their mattress? Our guess? Not as often as they should. While our natural mattresses are long-lasting, many people are still sleeping on sagging, unsafe beds without a second thought. Give someone the best sleep they’ll ever have with our latex & wool mattresses, an organic latex mattress topper, or a trip to one of our showrooms to let them try the beds for themselves. It’s a splurge gift, we’ll admit, but also the ultimate present for the person in your life who deserves the best.


Gifts for everyone else

We know the task of buying Christmas gifts can take up a lot of time and energy, so when you’re struggling to think of the perfect present, our go-to will always be experiential. Consider what your recipients enjoy doing with their time, what they can never get enough of, or what they’ve always wanted to do. By tapping into what you know about people, you’ll be able to shout them something meaningful, even if it comes in the form of a gift card, handmade voucher, or donation-based present.

For more sustainable shopping tips, check out our blog on the various ways you can give mindfully this Christmas.