Our Dreamy Recipe For Better Sleep

Our Dreamy Recipe For Better Sleep
 2020 has certainly not been the year we thought it would be. We’re in our homes more and our routines are completely out of whack. 
With constant headlines to follow and content on social media apps to consume,
it’s easier than ever to get caught endlessly scrolling until the early hours of the
morning, diving deep into rabbit holes of videos and memes. It’s no wonder we
wake up feeling sleep-deprived and restless. So we’ve put together the ultimate
recipe for enhancing your sleep.
Caution! Side effects may include:
A more restful and higher-quality sleep
More productivity in the morning

Step 1: Remove devices and stir in a new hobby

Ok, we know - easier said than done. But if there was ever a time to cut back
on your screen time, it’s now. We spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes
on our phones - and it’s even more now thanks to COVID. So we might sound
like a nagging old grandmother, but when it comes to good sleep, less screen
time is more. 
Given it’s such a prominent part of our life, though, we know it’s not easy. One
way to cut back includes setting curfews on your phone so your apps ‘switch off’
at a certain time each night, remaining off until the morning. You can also set
time limits on social media apps for daily use, and if it’s really hard to cut down,
then consider investing in some blue light glasses so you don’t mess up your
sleep-wake cycle. 
Better yet, build a nightly habit that gets you away from your phone, computer,
or TV. Try reading in bed, charging your phone in a different room from the
bedroom, or having a warm bath or shower before bed.

Step 2: Incorporate some light exercise like walking or yoga

Sometimes, the body and mind just won’t rest. So when the restlessness
strikes, try a few gentle stretches or a relaxing yoga session to slow down
the body in preparation for sleep. Even taking a gentle stroll around your
neighbourhood after dinner can help digest your food and loosen up the body
for a restful night ahead. It does wonders for your mental state too.

Step 3: Add a killer skin care routine

Since you’re trying to cut down screen time anyway, a nifty habit to adopt
is an evening skincare regime. Find some products that you love and that
make you feel relaxed and luxurious, then at a certain time each night,
spend 15 or so minutes pampering yourself. Think cleansers, face oils,
moisturisers, exfoliation, and even body lotion to turn your night-time
routine into something you look forward to. 
This habit doubles as a gorgeous mindful activity that grounds you and
gives you space to soothe your body and mind before jumping into bed.
Much better than a late night Insta scroll, if we do say so ourselves!

Step 4: Sift in some good vibes

You can’t just show up to bed and expect the magic to happen - you have
to wind down gently and create a positive mindset first. Our top tip is to start
a gratitude journal. Before hitting the hay, take a mindful moment to think
back through all the beautiful moments of your day that you are grateful for.
This act steers you away from negativity and refocuses your mind on the
positive aspects of your day. 
Another fantastic way to fully relax yourself is by listening to a guided
meditation. Apps like Insight Timer have an abundance of free meditations,
sleep soundscapes, and yoga nidras that perfectly set you up for sleep.

Step 5: Presentation is key

What you’re sleeping on is as important as the mindset you go to sleep with.
Now, we don’t mean to brag, but we happen to have some great low tox
organic latex pillows that not only help prevent allergies, but keep your head
and spine in superb alignment so you don’t wake up with stiff bones. Having
a comfortable, supportive, and allergy-free mattress is also a must if you’re
looking for better sleep. Because we can do all the dreamy evening rituals
we like, but if we don’t extend that into our actual sleep, it won’t make
much difference.

Test and repeat

Everyone will have their own tricks for the perfect night’s sleep. Whether it’s
meditation, gentle movement, a nightly ritual, or some quiet time to yourself,
the best thing you can do is try a bit of everything and find what works for you.
In time, the ideal night-time regime will reveal itself to you, and you’ll be on
the highway straight to heavenly sleep.