Let's dive deep into our natural materials!

Let's dive deep into our natural materials!
The Natural Bedding Company is built on the values of sustainability,
transparency, and ethical manufacturing. So when it comes to creating a low tox
mattress or a bedding product for your home, we use only the best materials
and from the most ethical supply chain possible. 
As our business continues to grow, with more stores and new creations, we feel
it’s our responsibility to live up to our promise and continue striving for new ways
to improve our operations. So in the interest of transparency, we’ve created a
rapid fire round of Q&A to share the origins of our products.

Where do your materials come from?

Our 100% certified Organic Latex and Natural Coir comes from Sri Lanka.
The company that owns the plantation is certified through Control Union,
one of the leading organic sustainability associations globally. They also
operate a number of schemes for the workers and their families, including
school programs. 
We also use untreated Australian Downs Wool in our mattresses; and we
work with Tasmanian Oak hardwood for our bed frames  and furnishings, which 
is sustainably sourced under the Australian Government’s ecoSelect program.
The Natural Bedding Company also uses safe, chemical-free products in our
timber drawers and finishes, as  well as minimal water-based glues to increase
structural integrity.

   Are your materials low tox?


Yes! For every material we use at The Natural Bedding Company, we ensure
our production process is completely free from toxic chemicals. We use a
blend of organic cotton and hemp from New Zealand for our covers, as well as
natural materials from Australia and Sri Lanka. Even the stains we use on our
woodwork are vegan and made from natural oils like Linseed and Orange oil.
Another value we incorporate into our production methods is the use of
non-toxic practices. This means we don’t use any toxic glues or adhesives to
join our furnishings, while our mattresses are sewn together to keep the layers
in place, as opposed to being glued together.
The materials we use are all-natural and, at the end of their life, are designed
to return to where they came from - Mother Earth. 

What makes these low tox materials so good?

There’s plenty to love about our low tox materials, from the health benefits of
customers to the eco-friendly properties. Being organic, there are no harmful
chemicals being used during the growth cycle of the cotton, while our organic
latex is naturally flame retardant, dust mite-resistant, hypo-allergenic,
antibacterial and antifungal.
In addition to being soft and cloud-like, our wool in our low tox mattresses is
flame resistant and dust mite-resistant. And when it comes to our furnishings,
we use sustainably managed Australian hardwood, and formaldehyde-free,
soy-based bonded plywood in the bottom drawers to reduce weight and
increase functionality. We leave no stone unturned! 
As for the eco-friendly finish we apply to all timber furniture, not only is it
environmentally sound, but it’s also a healthy alternative for anyone sensitive
to petrochemical-based lacquer.

What values drive your production methods?   

At The Natural Bedding Company, we hold sustainability at our core.
We believe that the life cycle of consumer goods needs to be considered before,
during and after production stages. Our goal is to create high quality, ethical
products that are safe for our customers and the planet, and that stay with you
and your family for a lifetime. 
The Natural Bedding Company utilises the materials mother nature has given us
to create all of our organic mattresses, low tox pillows, and furniture pieces. 
These materials and processes have enabled us to provide high quality
products that give you peace of mind, knowing you’ll sleep better and support
yours and the earth’s health at the same time.