How To Survive Summer When You Sleep ‘Hot’

How To Survive Summer When You Sleep ‘Hot’
  We’re diving deep into another Aussie summer, which means nightly
temperatures are soaring and our sleep is disturbed by stifling heat. But
instead of struggling through summer in a haze of exhaustion and sweat,
we went in search of the coolest tips to beating the heat and protecting
your sleep. As you might have noticed, we take our sleep very seriously, 
and we reckon you do too. So enjoy our guide to surviving those steamy
summer nights when you sleep ‘hot’. 

Get a good fan


Ok, so we don’t want to sound obvious, but if you want to get cool without
having 24/7 aircon, it might be time to invest in a decent fan. But our tricks
don’t just stop there. 
Once you’ve acquired your nifty little fan, there’s extra ways to use it for
even cooler effects. Position your fan across from the window so the breeze
from outside combines with the fan and creates a refreshing cross-breeze. 
And when it’s truly unbearable, try hanging a wet muslin cloth or thin sheet
across the fan so all the air that reaches you is as good as a chilling sea
breeze (well, almost!) 

Keep your clothes on

This isn’t a Nelly video clip, so when it’s hot in here, try keeping your clothes
on. Contrary to popular belief, sleeping naked can actually make you hotter.
That’s because any sweat your body produces isn’t drawn away by your
pyjamas, and instead keeps your temperature higher by sticking to your skin. 
According to Women’s Health, you’ll sleep easier when wearing natural,
moisture-wicking pjs like cotton, linen or bamboo. This tip, however, doesn’t
apply to little bubs, with experts saying it’s better for them to sleep in nappies
only during the summer season. 

Switch up your bedding

Although bedding made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, rayon or
nylon might be kinder to your wallet, they are not so kind to your sleep.
Synthetic materials don’t breathe and will always leave you feeling too hot,
or too cold.
If you want your sheets to work year-round, natural fibres are renowned for
being light and breathable in summer, as well as heat insulating in winter.
Our ultimate go-to sheets are these beautifully designed, absorbent French
Natural fibres are longer-lasting, more absorbent, and also more breathable
than their man-made counterparts. In terms of investments, they are the ultimate
way to ensure your purchases are eco-friendly, low tox, and will keep you cooler
and less sweaty.
When purchasing a mattress or pillows, avoid memory foam and other
synthetic materials which can trap heat and spread it around the body. Look
out for pillows that incorporate wool, a natural fibre known for its excellent
moisture-wicking and thermoregulating properties, like these natural wool
pillows. Go one step further and opt for a non-toxic mattress made from organic
latex which encourages airflow in and around the mattress.

    Cool down with creativity

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box and find little hacks that work
for you. Sure, you can try a cold shower before bed, but when that fails, try
one of these handy tricks. 
Keep a misting spray bottle filled with cool water near your bed to cool you
down when the heat hits you during the night. Pop your sheets - or your socks -
in the freezer for 15-minutes before bed to help your body temperature drop
and allow you to fall asleep easier. You could even try the winter hot water
bottle trick in summer by filling it with water, freezing it, and using it as a cool-
inducing ice pack.
If you want to go really old-school, you could sit a bowl or box of ice in front of
your fan, the way they used to keep food cool before fridges. And if things get
really bad, you could even hang a wet sheet in front of an open window to cool
down any breeze that rolls in. 

Get low

Remember that old saying, ‘Hot air rises’? Well, if you’re thinking of a new
bed frame and you can’t stand summer sleeping, why not switch to a frame
that’s closer to the ground, like the Lo-line Bed Frame. The ideal choice for
modern minimalists, the Lo-line is lightweight and mobile, with a floating
appearance. It also ticks the low tox box for the eco-conscious, being made
from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak slats and untreated Australian Pine.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This one is a no brainer anyway, but when it comes to sleeping well in the
depths of summer, it’s a non-negotiable. Dehydration causes all sorts of
problems, one of which is your overall body temperature. Keep your body
hydrated and cool by drinking water regularly throughout the day. But ease
up just before bed so you don’t have to get up every few hours to use the

Summer sleeping 

The Australian summer is relentless, and whether you’re coastal or country, it
will affect how rested (and sweat-free!) your sleep will be. Stay cool, hydrated,
and let your body and bedding breathe, and you’ll give yourself the best
chance at beating the summer heat.