How to prep your bedroom for a hot summer

How to prep your bedroom for a hot summer
If the weather reports are anything to go by, this summer is going to
be a hot one! Get ready for long days at the beach, lighter clothing,
and switching red wine and tea for delicious iced beverages. 
But with hot days comes hot nights, and the challenge of sleeping
through summer. That’s why we’ve got a range of tips to keep you
cool when it’s snooze time. Don’t let the warm weather mess with
your sleep these holidays; enjoy a summer (and sleep) to remember!

Take a warm shower before bed

This might sound counterintuitive, but try having a lukewarm shower
before bed. An icy cold shower will cool you down, but as soon as
you hop out, your body will start to warm up again while regulating
your body temperature. The end result? You’re just as hot as before.
A lukewarm shower will warm you up at first, but then allow your
body to cool down gently afterwards.

Limit big meals & booze before bed

Heavy meals loaded with carbs, spices, or fats take more energy for
your body to break down. This summer, swap your hearty winter
meals for light summer dishes - think salads, chicken, and fish - and
schedule dinner for an earlier time so your body has time to digest. 
Similarly, drinking too much alcohol before bed disrupts your sleep
pattern, causes hot flashes, and makes your blood vessels dilate and
rise to the surface of the skin, making you sweat. Try swapping the
wine for an icy cool glass of water instead.

Invest in a quality fan

Of course you could run your AC all summer, but who wants to get a
giant bill and hurt the environment in the process? This summer,
consider investing in a new fan that’s got a good energy rating and is
efficient enough to keep you cool while you sleep through those
If a quality fan is not quite in your budget, there are some other ways
to make your existing fans work harder. 
You can point box fans out your windows to push hot air out,
or adjust the settings on your ceiling fan so the blades run
counterclockwise, drawing hot air up instead of just spreading it
around the room. And for a real DIY hack, you can pop a bowl full of
ice cubes directly in the path of your fan’s airflow. Cooler sleep in no

Pick the right PJs

Some people think sleeping sans pyjamas will help them cool down
quicker, but actually that’s a myth. If you sleep with breathable
pyjamas - like organic cotton or linen - they actually support your
body temperature and also wick away any sweat from your body. 
Don’t find yourself waking up in a pool of sweat because your PJs
aren’t summer-ready! Get some good sleepwear that allows both
breathability and absorption, and get ready to enjoy sleep again.
We recommend having a few PJs on rotation so you can wash them
more regularly throughout summer, because sweat is inevitable, but
smelly pyjamas are not!

Invest in temperature-regulating bedding

Another way to drop the heat at bedtime is by using proper bedding.
Sure, synthetic materials are cheaper - but they don’t breathe and will
always leave you feeling too hot, or too cold. From investing in a
natural latex mattress to opting for temperature-regulating & organic
bedding, every little change brings you closer to a blissful night’s
Sheets made with breathable materials like French flax linen can help
wick moisture away and drop your body temperature; if you like
sleeping with a cover, having breathable materials that don't trap heat
is even more important. Natural fibres like linen are also known for
being more absorbent and longer-lasting, so you’ll enjoy better sleep
for longer.
And it’s not just the sheets you sleep under - certified organic cotton
quilted mattress protectors are perfect for hot sleepers, while the
natural materials in these organic mattresses are far more forgiving in
the heat.

Create cross-ventilation in your room

Lastly, if you’re trying to avoid the expensive air conditioning solution,
you can use open windows and fans to create cross-ventilation in
your room. A cross-breeze is when there’s both an entry and exit
point for air, using wind and the natural movement of air to give you
sweet relief from the heat.
By having multiple windows open, air can flow in one and out the
other, instead of hot air just lingering. If your bedroom only has one
window, you can try cross-ventilation throughout your home.
Experiment with opening and closing windows or doors to optimise
airflow through your house, getting that stifling hot air out of your
When the summer heat creeps in and sleep doesn’t come easy, try
one (or all) of these tips to find what works for you. You can still enjoy
summer and get a good night’s sleep - all it takes is some savvy
home hacks and some breathable bedding solutions. Happy sleeping!