From idea to in-your-bedroom: how our products come to life

From idea to in-your-bedroom: how our products come to life
Have you ever found yourself in bed, wondering where the mattress you’re lying
on came from? Perhaps recently you’ve become more intrigued about the
origins of your clothing, food, bedding, and furniture. Or maybe you just love a
good story - either way, we’ve got you covered.
We love what we get to do here at the Natural Bedding Company, but we don’t
always make a big show about how we do it. So we decided to break it down
and share exactly how a product comes to life, from the beginnings of
an idea, right through to the latest item in your home.   

In the beginning…

When Andrew McCaig first started this company, things looked a little different.
For starters, the company was known as Deluxe Futons, and you guessed
it - we made futons. Over the years, futons became slightly less ‘in fashion’ and
so Andrew began blazing trails in the natural latex mattress business. 
For a long time, as Andrew says, the process was simply trial and error.
Establishing networks in the inner west region and across Sydney,
Andrew began learning from other people in the natural bedding industry, and
his knowledge base began to grow. He started perfecting our products, and
researching everything from the natural ingredients available to the very way
mattresses were created.
        Pictured here: The Sydney Showroom circa 2000   

Adding layers…

Since the early days, the Natural Bedding Company has evolved from quite
simple designs to incredibly intricate furniture, as well as expanding into bedding
accessories like our natural latex pillows
We even weaved our humble beginnings into product names; for example, the
Lo-Line base was formerly known as the ‘basic base’, while the Aurora mattress
used to be called ‘latex and hemp mattress’. Now, our pieces have stories and
history, and our processes have changed as we learn and collaborate with other
like-minded people. 
The handcrafted woodwork pieces are made with various joinery techniques,
while the mattresses feature carefully designed layering systems and are
hand-tufted together to suit the different style and firmness of each mattress.
Pictured here: Lo-Line bedframe with Aurora mattress       

Deliberate design

 The Natural Bedding Company products have come a long way from those first
few days of trial and error. The team has grown from Andrew in his living room
to a team of 15, and as for the ongoing design of new products (and perfecting
old products), we have plenty of ideas in the works.
When a new product is going through the creative process, the team will sit
down together to brainstorm our current products, what we like, and what we
could improve on. We examine where there might be a gap in our current
product range or a problem in the market that we want to solve.
From here, we utilise the different skill sets that are within our team to draw up a
mock design, make a prototype and then carry out some functionality testing.
It takes time, energy, and finesse, but once we’re happy with the final product,
we release it onto the market.
  Pictured here: Archie bedframe with Dreamer Mattress and Huey bedside
While the early days of the business were very immersed in day-to-day
production and delivery, these days we get to work more on future growth,
strategy, and getting every product down to a fine art.
Our goal is to continue striving to provide the highest quality mattresses and
bases made from 100% natural materials, bringing even more aspects of the
business in-house, including our own line of quilts, linen, and mattress
We value transparency in every part of our production process, so if you want to
know more about how the Natural Bedding Company operates, just ask!