Ethical Mother's Day gifts your mum will love

Ethical Mother's Day gifts your mum will love
Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and for many of us there’s the question
of what to get mum this year. When the usual suspects like flowers, facials,
and champagne have been exhausted, and when you’d really like to keep the
planet in mind with your purchase, the process starts to get more complicated.
Well, not this year! We’ve done the legwork and rounded up some cracking gift
ideas for mum this Mother’s Day, all while looking out for the environment too.
Sustainable and savvy? Look no further 😉
Do you have a mum in your life that can’t get enough of her garden?
Well, why not appeal to the place she loves the most - and put the planet in
good hands while you’re at it. Give mum a collection of seeds, reusable FSC
certified rubber gardening gloves, low tox bug spray, and a cute, locally made
pot to plant in. If she’s already well equipped in the garden, try a gift that bridges
the indoors with the outdoors, like a Bokashi Bin.
An anaerobic composting system that uses microorganisms to ferment food
scraps so they can quickly break down when buried into soil,
it’s the perfect way to enhance her garden and minimise food waste.
If your mum is someone who loves to dress well, spend on quality items,
and make a statement, then check out local artists in your area.
By shopping locally, you can cut down travel miles for something that might
otherwise be shipped from a much greater distance. It also supports the local
artists creating whatever you purchase - whether that’s quirky jewellery,
100% organic cotton clothing, or low tox fragrances made with essential oils
and natural ingredients.
Places like Etsy can help you find local creators, while weekend markets are
a haven for talented artists. Plus, nothing says ‘stylish’ like a one-of-a kind
item you can’t buy in stores.
Is your mother figure someone who loves curling up on the couch with a good
book or whiling away the afternoon in her own company at home?
Then why not find an ethical gift that makes home feel even more precious.
Smell plays a huge role in the atmosphere of a space, so think about an air
freshener or candle that’s made without all the usual toxic nasties like paraffin
and phenoxyethanol. Better yet, grab some delicious essential oils, a carrier oil,
and some skewers and make your own!
  If mum is a bookworm, check out the latest bestsellers in her favourite
genre and see if you can pick up a book from a local provider or indie bookshop
to save on travel and shipping miles, while supporting the little guys.
And if she loves a cosy vibe, think about getting her an ethically sourced throw
for the couch - or around her shoulders in winter! Consider giving her a better
night’s sleep while you’re at it with a low tox, all-natural latex pillow that fights
allergens, dust mites, and contains no harmful chemicals.   
Is your mum the one always running from one place to the next, barely stopping
to take five? Do you want to treat her to a bit of slowing down?
Why not encourage the process with a night or two at an eco-friendly,
off-the-grid kind of accommodation. Nothing but nature and no wifi?
It could be exactly what she needs!
For those with a slightly smaller budget, try something mindful that you could do
together, like a local cooking class, private yoga session, or lovely lunch
somewhere connected to nature. And if you want to drive the point home a little
harder, you could always gift her with The Little Book of Slow.
Perhaps all your talk of the environment has rubbed off on mum and she’s taken
a liking to sustainable consumption, in which case, we have plenty of ethical
ideas for Mother’s Day! You could get her a stainless steel water bottle or
KeepCup, a stylish reusable razor made without any plastic whatsoever,
a chic ethical bag, or low tox skincare from brands like Weleda,
Black Chicken Remedies, Go-To Skincare, or the long list of low
tox-approved products on Nourished Life.
And if these gift ideas don’t hit the spot, go back to basics with your eco-hat on; think locally sourced, handmade, and experience-based gifts, and you’ll have no
trouble impressing the mother in your life. Because as the old saying goes,  it’s always the thought that counts most.