5 small ways to make big statements in your home

5 small ways to make big statements in your home
We love any excuse to give our home a zhush and make it feel ‘new’ again,
but the costs that come with renovating and big expenses are less appealing.
So instead, we’re looking at all the ways you can make a statement and create
fresh space in your home - without all the fuss and price tags. Whether it’s with
lighting, artwork, or accessories, here’s a few fun ways to bring some sparkle
back into your home.

1. Get reflecting


Mirrors aren’t just useful - they’re a foolproof way to make your space feel bigger
and brighter. And you can find gorgeous statement mirrors for reasonable prices
too - everywhere from Kmart to Ikea and your local second-hand shop.
The best trick is to angle your mirrors toward the natural source of light, allowing
them to lighten up your space.
The bigger the mirror, the bigger the statement - and the bigger your space
will feel. You could also try placing a standing mirror in your hallway,
a decorative mirror in your dining room, or arranging a few vertical mirrors side
by side to elongate the room.

2. Start with a blank canvas


Want to really make a bold statement? Create a totally white canvas to work
with. Think white walls, white ceiling, white white furniture, white bedding - and
then allow your accessories to dress up your space. As a rule, white is a
reflective colour that gives the illusion of more space and natural light, not to
mention how soothing the simple palette is on the eyes. 
You might choose to stay largely neutral - or you could bring small pops of
colour in to give the room some pizzazz. And with this beautiful blank canvas,
shaking up the statement in your room is both easy and affordable. Try adding
a quirky lampshade, a vibrant couch cushion, a big canvas print, or a fabulous
rug. Don’t be afraid to mix up patterns and prints or explore different eras or
inspiration; the best part about accessories is that they’re easy to add or
subtract without the expensive commitment.

3. Free up space


Another great way to make your space feel fresh is by decluttering and creating
a more open flow. The first step is to pick up anything scattered on the floor,
then either ditch or store it. Then, decide if you can bear to part with any
belongings that leave the room feeling closed in. And finally, utilise vertical
space to rearrange the stuff you’re holding onto - like bookshelves or floating
shelves that free up your floor space even more.

 4. Change up your lighting


The kind of lighting you have in your home can totally transform a space.
So whether it’s your bedside table or your dining room downlights, consider the
kind of atmosphere you want - and then align your lighting with that vibe. 
For example, you might want warm, soft lighting in the bedroom, in which
case, you’d opt for a warm globe for your lamps. In the kitchen, you might prefer
starker, more vibrant lights, so a cool globe hue would be better. You can also
play with different types of lighting in the same space, so you can change the
lighting to suit your mood.

5. Stand out with art


Art doesn’t have to be an expensive investment that takes years to save for.
In fact, some of the most interesting artists are on Etsy or Instagram, selling
prints and canvas for much more reasonable prices. Take some time to peruse
the internet in search of art that speaks to your style, and then keep it cheap by
ordering a print (not the original) and framing it yourself.
Pop a nail or removable hook on your wall, hang your artwork - and voila!
You’ve got a fresh focal point to your space. Artworks are a great way to make a
statement as they can be interchanged throughout your home, and added or
subtracted. Let your art take centre stage and keep everything else simple - and
your room will feel completely new.
Shaking up your space doesn’t have to be expensive. And it doesn’t have to be
a long-term commitment either. Find a style that resonates with you now, and
use simple, affordable hacks to accessorise your space accordingly. With a few
small changes, you’ll be making a big statement in no time.